Adult Swim.. How Did It Start Off Anyway?

Animated Home Of Crazy Chaotic Fun At It’s Best..


Pic-08242013-001Is what Adult Swim is all about.. Cartoon Network use to have a stronghold on Adult Swim’s programming back in the day at one time. But this would eventually change, as Adult Swim became more “mainstream”, and independent breaking away from Cartoon Network.


But because of the different shows and their more well “adult” type of setting, it was put on late at night instead of the “prime-time” evening time slots.


So basically it would come on when the kiddies would usually be in bed anyway getting that needed sleep for school the next morning.


So with that being said, then you have to introduce the shows that mainly established adult swim’s list of shows, the ratings that the shows would pull in (so yea it’s a money thing right there, because better ratings, means more money, which means more expansion of the animated franchise station itself.)


And the shows were not suited for kids (per se), were shows like Family Guy which really is not something that a 7, 10, or even a 13 

Pic-08242013-002year-old should be watching.


So before Adult Swim would air it’s shows it would put up a warning letting the more adult viewers know that the content of the programs are for those that are 14 and up (even though it should be 17 & up).


And even though “The Simpsons”, would even take heat from some of the things that they might have in a episode that would be considered “touchy” for a younger audience to view, it still wasn’t a animated show that would get put into that “blacklist” category.


Therefore a animated show like that, Adult Swim would not even give a second thought to because of it’s lack of hardcore / extreme content.


But a list of shows like the following below is a different story all together..



Pic-08242013-003Those was just a stack of shows I threw out right there, that is definitely keep a very young kid away from seeing LOL…


And honestly, who ever made the show Tom & Eric Goes To Mayor”, needs to be shot LOL (dam that show is so so SO boring, it could make a person assume the thinker statue position and put them to f**king sleep so no “Ny-Quil” needed there).


But some of the other shows “actually” had some substance, “Cowboy Bebop” was a favorite of mines as well as the makers ofSamurai Champloo” because if you look at how Bebop was made Champloo has the same character voice that does Spike Speigel in the Cowboy Bebop series.


And other shows like theDrinky Duck show” well LOL, I think who made that one was really high on life and probably something else is all I can say about that.


Because that is one silly ass weird off the charts type of show, that’s just “out there” in terms of thought.


But that how Adult Swim rolls when it comes to their tastes in animated entertainment. And I’m sure it will continue to stay true that type of show programming… 


(Video Credit: 13lueTinman)



Adult Swim.. How Did It Start Off Anyway?


 (By: Jaye Irons)





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