Karen Black: “And The Trilogy Of Terror”..

The Girl Was Just A Bad-ass Actress, She Will Be Missed..


Pic-08292013-001A lot of people probably don’t know about Karen Black, but there are of course many that do.

(vintage photo from the 70’s “sexy terror queen” Karen Black)

I admit I didn’t know much about her as well, until I saw this one horror movie that changed all of that for the rest of my kid life back then LOL.


What movie could have turned Jaye’s total attention toward it?..


It was called “Trilogy of Terror”, and in it Black plays the role of rather 4 different women in 3 different tales of terror.


Now I was probably 2 years old when this movie came out, so I didn’t stumble upon it until I was in my teen years.


And after seeing that movie (just remembered I was 12), I was left shocked to s**t.


And it wasn’t the first two tales that did it, but they were very interesting full of suspense and twisted horror.


Pic-08292013-004The first story was about Black playing the role of a high school teacher named Julie, and she was being pursued by one of her male students that really had a thing for her.


She of course denounces his advances (rejects him at first), but the boy was persistent and showing no let-it-go type of attitude to get her to go on a date with him.


So she goes against the grain, and gives in to the boy’s advancements.


So he takes her to a drive-in movie lot, and then in the course of the movie he offers her some refreshments. But Chad was being naughty, and slipped a “mickey” in her drink.


Julie takes a gulp of the laced drink, and then passes out and from there he hits up a motel room.. And then you really know what happens from there..

By the way this is the 1st part of the movie terror.


Julie then refuses the boy, after he drops her off at her house asking for another date.


Now the part I forgot to mention is that Julie was “blackmailed” into the date by Chad because he was spying on her one evening after she had removed her clothes while in the privacy of her house.. Or so she thought.


But later Julie reveals her true agenda that she had cooked up for Chad all along, she outsmarted Chad by thinking that she was really going to hook-up with him in the sack (she let him think that he was taking her to bed, and she let him think he was in control of the situation).


Pic-08292013-007After inviting the unsuspecting Chad over to her place, she poisons him with a drink and tells him off while he dies from the toxic element that course through his body. And she dons a evil smile on her face, while it all happens that was terror # 1.

 (Millicent: picture upper right wearing the glasses)

The 2nd terror, was the constant battle between 2 sisters that couldn’t stand each other at all.


So here you are a witness to the classic “sibling rivalry” type of situation that goes over your head and far out of control.


Pic-08292013-006Millicent was the very conservative and deemed the restricted sister, that comes off like an innocent “dark angel” LOL (the girl loves to wear black outfits, lie it’s no tomorrow).

 (Therese: the hoer-monger sister pictured with Dr. Ramsey)

But for her other half Therese is on a completely different channel as well as page, so is the loose-wild party till you drop and then drop some more type girl.


She has no boundaries, and she knows no fear..


She gets into this situation with her sister Millicent, after a guy shows up to try to help out Therese.


But Therese had some other plans in mind apparently, using her seductive charm to try to get into this guy’s pants LOL literally.


The man refuses because he sees Therese as a twisted individual, and wants no part of her what so ever.


The is guy was the family doctor, “hence” the name of his character Dr. Ramsey.


After he leaves their house upon his scheduled visit, Therese then goes and taunts Millicent about how he leaves and tells her that he isn’t returning no time soon.


Millicent grows tired of Therese and sets up a plan to get rid of her sister.


She is going to use “voodoo magic”, to do away with her.


So she uses a “voodoo doll”, in the image of her sister. And you should know from there where the rest of the story goes.


So after Millicent kills her sister, (by torturing the doll if it is mentally linked to her sister’s thoughts and feelings) then the problem is solved and there is no more Therese. Or is it?…


Dr. Ramsey returns to the house after calling there, and nobody answered the phone.


Then later an ambulance shows up to the house wheeling in a gurney (body stretcher), and the paramedics find Therese dead on the floor.


Now at the same time Millicent goes missing, and is not there at the scene as well.


Ramsey then comes in to the room, and tells the guys to wait before they take her off to the corner’s office for an autopsy to be done on her to find the cause of death.

 (Karen Black pictured with Jack Nicholson in 2012)

Pic-08292013-002He tells the guys that he knew her very well, her name was Therese Millicent Malimore..


So basically it was one girl, that had a very very bad case of “multiple personality disorders”.


This is my favorite of the trio of terrors that I think put it over the top for Black as an actress in a messed up all the way type of supernatural situation to be in.


Amelia is the last character that she will play, and the thing about this story is the gift that Ameila is planning to give to her boyfriend for his anthropology class that he teaches to his students.


She is walking upstairs to her apartment, and calls her mother to break some “bad news” to her that will cause her mother to hang the phone up on her in the process.


She then starts telling her mom about the guy she met named Arthur, and reveals in the conversation about the VERY UGLY ASS DOLL that she bought him from a curio shop.



Enter: the tribal terror doll from hell”


After having an argument with her mother as she calls her about breaking a girls’ night hang out that they do every Friday night.


Her mother grows angry, then Ameila tells her a key element that will set the tone for this last –trilogy of terror–.


She tells her mother that the doll comes with a chain, and there are instructions that come with it that says the doll must have the chain on at all times to keep the spirit dwelling inside of it from bringing the doll to life…


That being said her mother finally has had enough and hangs up on Ameila..


Ameila didn’t let it get her down she went to go take a bath, and get ready for her date with for guy Arthur.


Pic-08292013-003But there was a problem that she didn’t realize, when she sat the doll down on the table the chain SLIPPED THE F**K OFF. OOPSY.


And from there, the fun starts when Ameila comes back into the room noticing the chain but not the doll being present at the moment.


I’m not going to finish this story you will see for yourself how it ends, the 3rd terror is just the best and must be witnessed by your own 2 eyes for enjoyment of horror tale in all due fashion.


So as tribute to Karen Black R.I.P., and thanks for playing that role in a tripped out unforgettable nightmare horror flick.


 (Click Here To Watch The Movie)


Karen Black: “And The Trilogy Of Terror”..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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