Superbus: The Indy 500 Way To Get To School

Marty McFly’s Back To The Future Ride Don’t Got S**t On This Bus!


Pic-08302013-003You know everything is going to hell in a paper basket when you see what is considered to be the next thing of evolution transportation.


So people should know by now, that most buses are just plain dam slow. And it can be frustrating, when they are trying to get somewhere in a hurry and they might have to wind up leaving early in order to make it to their destination point.


But that might change after you hear about this new type of bus, no it’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, and it can’t go as fast as a speeding bullet.. Or could it?


It’s the Superbus, and it does look very limousine like in appearance but make no mistake it is a bus.


Now the thing about this special bus, is that the design to it was already created back in 2011.


This is basically what could be the next thing in terms of “vehicle transportation mobility”, I mean let’s face it time has went by for a while now and it is at the time marker for change.


If things are not to change now (especially regarding transportation), then when.


So this “speedy-bus” is pretty bad-ass, the vehicle has a electric drive-train for it’s means of mobility.


So if that’s the case, then I know what many people are thinking right about now.. And that’s how fast does it go?


Pic-08302013-002And I’ll say this, it could be a contender for the “Indy 500” because of it’s top speed.


Which is over your basic 120 miles per hr, it can actually top off at 160 mph.


So no more slow driving off bus lag, and say goodbye to buses that usually get left in the dust by the cars. Because it’s the bus’s world now in speedy fashion one would think.


But whether or not the police will be tailing any of these buses if they decide to go racetrack speedway on the road remains to be seen.


The Superbus was a product created by the Delft University of Technology, and a added value is that the vehicle is light-weight & is user friendly when it comes to low energy consumption costs.



So the mood is now set for the kiddies that will be having a change of pace, and it will be on 4 wheels.


But the next thing to ponder on, is will or when the Superbus will show-up in what city or country first?


Just keep an eye out for it, and that might give you the answer for that question..




Superbus: The Indy 500 Way To Get To School


(By: Jaye Irons)

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