Blogger (vs) WordPress?.. 2 part series post.

Which Is Considered King?


Pic-09032013-001Well most no I’ll re-phrase that before I say it LOL, about 15% out of 100% of people on this planet knows how to blog.


That leaves 85%, that don’t know and whatever else out of that just doesn’t care to know.


And it’s also fair to say that many don’t know what a hyperlink is, or what SEO stands for and the importance of knowing how to use it, even better they might just get completely lost if you mention something like CSS to them.


Well for those who do know and they are more in likely to be bloggers, those terms that are foreign to most people are commonly known to people who get online everyday and create posts like well this here that I’m doing right this minute.


Getting that out-of-the-way, the next thing that comes up is an obvious question. And that question is, what is a good blogging platform to call home to your posts for either your blog or website or whichever you use.


You see for me it’s WordPress, I will say that it is a great blogging platform that is definitely user friendly.


Now Blogger not saying that I’m right on this one, but here it goes..


I did make some sites on Blogger before, and it was fun.


It was fun laying out the site structure, actually building the page format, to the sidebar set-up (they have other different types of sidebar structures that will blow your mind out of the water no doubt).


But one day I saw this one post, and it was talking about the comparison between both Blogger and WordPress.


This is regarding their platform set-up, yea pretty sure that’s the focus here.


So the idea is to find out which holds more weight, or rather which one is more of the “bad-ass” type of blogging platform that is up to date and what they can offer you.


So the first thing to consider is, what is the right type of blogging platform for you.


Now the “basic” rule of thumb thing here is, the 2 most popular blogging platforms today is both WordPress & Blogger.


Some of you may disagree, but hey it’s America freedom of choice and opinion are always welcomed (well maybe not all parts of this country LOL, but definitely here on my blog site 🙂 ).


So here we go..



Blogger’s Qualifications:


Blogger is a pretty dam good blogging platform to boot, it’s free and when setting up your blog or website it is fast and efficient.


See most people feel that cash will come into play if they plan to get a blog or website up and going, and this a lot of times keep people from even trying to get into the act of “creating content” that could be high-quality and it’s a shame because people are not enlighten about the truth when creating a blog or website.


Blogger can provide that means for them if they are low on cash, or what’s the relevant term to low money.. “Your money is looking kinda funny eh?…”


So if that is the case, then you need to consider the alternatives.


Blogger also has different rather just plain out there (out of the box) type of structure platform set-up widgets.


Now that the real focus in term of what you getting, widgets I believe is everything that any site can be.


Plus another thing about Blogger that’s great, is that it is a more beginner type of blogging platform.


That will allow a person to get more easily acquainted while using a “blog-based” platform, and helps them to gather the experience which will only make them better at what they do later on… And that’s creating good content.


Another great thing is also, you don’t have to buy a domain name!! That’s right on Blogger money does not come into play when you are choosing a domain name to put to your established blog or website. And you don’t even need to buy hosting (no website hosting there!!).


Sounds a little to good to be true, but the kicker is… It is!


And you don’t need any type of tech skills when setting it up, so the whole thing with the set-up process just flows like water falling down from a waterfall.


Pic-09032013-003Security is also great for Blogger, stolen passwords (hackers) is hard to happen there unless you just give somebody your login info which would be stupid if you did but who would do that? LOL unless they were an idiot of course, then that is self-explanatory.


Google owns Blogger just like YouTube, which is another question answered about the web-hosting who does it for blogger.. Google does the heavy footwork, when it comes to “large hosted” sites that exist on it.


And that means that they are going to back up your site in terms of support, so down times are less than expected while you are on your site.


And the thing about the g+1 symbol share icon, favors Blogger in multiple ways as well and many do not realize that the g+1 is a product of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which in the eyes of Google is a good thing for your site being recognized on the net.


But all that said and done, Blogger is noted to be just a “beginner platform” like I mentioned before.


So if you have a business that you are trying to establish, and put it out there to consumers thinking that it’s a top-notched idea to sell it to the entrepreneur masses amongst the business world.. Then think again.


Blogger still is missing something that could very much so improve it in that department, and that’s the usage of plugins.



Plugins all I can say are so so a must, and if you can’t access them then you can just call it a day plain & simple.


And Google is picky because even if you did get your business established online using Blogger, if you step out-of-line and Google might pull your site off the radar.


And then your business or whatever you had attach to that site is just doomed after that.


So in a few hours we will look at the other competitor…

Stay tuned for the second part of the Blogger / WordPress Saga Battles.

——————– move below this dotted line for the “continuation” of the Blogger / WordPress Battles ———————-

 WordPress’s Qualifications:

Pic-09042013-001Honestly WordPress will come out to be the “winner” here in this dog / pony race, and that is because of it’s SEO credibility.


It is the most search out type of platform that thousands upon hundreds of thousands, will go to in a heart-beat.


And this is for good reason, the reputation that WordPress has made for itself says it all.


And I remember over a year ago now (or almost a year) when I jumped aboard the WordPress stage-coach wagon, and threw my hat into the ring at blogging on the platform.


I was new to it, and it was definitely new to me. And I won’t lie to you, I didn’t think I had any blogging skills in my bones.


But I had something that did help me cut through the red type when I did finally started to throw up posts, and that something was ideas & passion.


That’s what I had to offer you guys when I come on here and blog about a topic of my choosing, and when I do go after a topic I try to dig up a nice amount of info about the subject matter because after all.. You guys are going to read the material, and it needs to be interesting and compelling.


That is my gift that I share with WordPress, bloggers, a local audience, a world-wide audience, just give me a topic and I’ll sift through it and give you my insights and thoughts on it.


So this is my reason for turning to WordPress, but what other things that WordPress can do for not only me but others?..


Well let’s start on what is all the fuss about WordPress anyway, in comparison to Blogger.


  • Easy to use


Which is basically the thing and reason people just flock to WordPress, the simplistics of setting up the site (like blogger) is a huge plus from the start.


Signing up for a free account with it, is simply child’s play and you can literally start posting from there within a matter of moments.



  • Hosting Costs Diddly Squat!!


That puts a big fat feather in WordPress’s cap, and if you heard the term when you was a kid no doubt diddly squat means nothing..


Or to put it in a sentence, as a kid you might have done something and didn’t want to fess up about it.


So out of anger you would say… “I didn’t do diddly squat!!”


So there you go, and also you get an attached domain name from the start and that could look something like this..


But you should really consider buying a domain name, because it will benefit in the future if you are going for a self-hosted site later Pic-09042013-002down the line.



  • Set-up Your Site To Meet Your Everyday Needs


Which is the biggest advantage when using WordPress, the template choices are pretty great and you can even export files plus.. Plug-ins are definitely present here on WordPress ( –Plug-ins–).


Now all of this sounds like a clear winner for WordPress, but no so so fast partner..


Had to throw in a little “old west” on the partner line..


There are a few things about WordPress, that can be a bother..


For one, they are strict in terms of monetization.


So what that means is this, if you are a Google Adsense user or Affiliate Marketer you can just hang it up on a hook somewhere and forget about it if you think you are going to get paid while using WordPress’s free blog site.


On the free hosted WordPress site, that simply is not allowed which will force you into searching for a different option.


Another thing that will piss bloggers the f**k off, is that plug-ins are also not permitted on the free site on


So basically where does this leave one then?


What other options lay in wait for the talking to move around this road block which blocks the path to success??


Simple.. You go to the other platform that WordPress has to offer, an that would be


Pic-09042013-003Because it’s there where you can do the things that you are not allowed to do on is nothing more than a “training grounds” type platform, and it is designed to go easy on first time bloggers who are looking to get their feet a little soaked before they get them saturated in a lake.


So to sum it up, because I’m getting a little hungry and want to go eat something LOL… You can do this.


  • Get a domain name if you are going on the site, a good site to check out for that is


  • It is highly recommended that you invest in your own self-hosted site, the price may vary for it but it’s worth it in the long run!! And you pay that yearly like renting an apartment.


  • And look for a provider that will offer you unlimited “bandwidth”, look at


So this is a “saga battle” between these two blog platform giants, and it will be more things to point out about both of them.


So that should tell you that I’m going to be there to post it out in all due fashion!!


Blogger (vs) WordPress?.. 2 part series post.

(By: Jaye Irons)

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