Hunter the Reckoning: Wayward

That Game Sucked So Dam Bad!!


Pic-09052013-001Hunter: The Reckoning, reckoningly sucked moth balls big time. I played this game a long time ago on the PS2 (Playstation 2) console, some number of years ago now.


And the thing about the game that does itself in (which is because of the character models & gameplay), is a total understatement.


So that being said and done, there is a glimpse of hope for the game in terms of the FMV‘s (full motion videos) that you can watch.


There is my favorite video cut-scene in the game, where these two hunters roll into town and are staying at a motel room.


And one of them is cleaning his weapons (guns I think), while the other guy is just losing his mind over taking out the ‘undead

Pic-09052013-002(zombie-like demons).


They are waiting for the call to join up with their counterparts of their team, and awaiting to start their mission to do what they do best… And that is to kill demons.


But the hunter that was “new” to the squad (can’t remember the guy’s name), was just going nuts.


And he starts off telling his zombie killing team-mate that is still focused on cleaning his gun and nothing more, about dusting undead zombies.


So he says a “key phrase line” about getting his gun dirty after doing combat killing either zombies of the undead. He starts off asking his partner did he clean his pistol, (after he sniffs it and notices a funky stench aroma coming from it) his partner says to him that he did clean the weapons.


So he goes into a zone talking about how dirty it gets after it is cleaned. And the line that made me take notice to the game (slightly enough to play it) is just below this sentence as the nutjob zombie killer keeps saying:


It just keeps getting dirtier”…


He is shooting his gun, after he says the phrase while shooting the zombies like it’s target practice.

(blast, blast, 1.. 2.. blast, blast).

 And Dirtier”…


(blast 1.. 2.. 3.. blast).

 And Dirtier!”…


(blast, blast!). 


“Until it jams!!”


He sighs in frustration, and then says:

then I have to use the knife, have you ever tried to get that rot
smell off of the knife? It takes hours!”


Pic-09052013-003LOL his partner looks at him like he is really past the cuckoo clock psycho hour time zone, after the knife statement.


“Which guns are
you taking? You know you can never be under-armed, I always say…
Eh!! I just wish I had more ammo!!


That character was f**king hilarious, that guy was rich and a psycho zombie-demon killer haha.. Go figure right?


But the game to me other than cut-scenes like that, was just boring and the gameplay was unimaginative plus it lacked element.


But what do you expect from a game that is 10 years old now, and for the last 10 years games still needed to male that jump to a higher resolution type gaming platform.


The game could be redone, and be reborn on PS3 or PS4 but it is up to Sony whether they want to tackle on a project like that.


And if they do, I say good luck because they will be needing that more than likely..  Later.



Hunter the Reckoning: Wayward


(By: Jaye Irons)

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