How To Tint A Side Window On Your Car (Think You Can Do It?)..

So You Want to Be A Tint Master Eh?..


I was watching a video on how to apply tint to your windows for your car, and I know most people think that this is something that a professional installer should do..

But truth is, that’s not true.

In fact anybody can do it really, you just need the proper materials / equipment to do it.

Anything is impossible if you let it be, but if you want to know how to do something like a pro can do.

Then the simple thing I can tell you is that you will need to practice the craft until you get it down to a science, in doing whatever it is that a person can do like a champ.

So where do one start when they are looking to tint their car window, without having to spend some dough to have it done for them.

So again we can start with the materials, which will include:

  • a low-lint cloth. 
  • knife with “break-away blades” for trimming purposes –replace the blades– after each tint job is done. 
  • scotch tape & plastic scrub pad. 

Another thing to consider before even starting this procedure, you should check with your local enforcement to ask what is the legal limit of percentage tint that you can go to.

This way you won’t do the job, only having to undone it because of violating your state law regarding how much tint is allowed on the vehicle’s windows.

And if you are going to tint your windows, make sure you are doing it in a “dust free” environment.

Then you want to apply the “tinting film” to the car window at certain temperatures.

The best temperature range is between 40 to 98 Fahrenheit, and that would be 5 to 36 Celsius.

Then once it is applied do not roll your windows down for at least 72 hours.

Do not apply ammonia or household type cleaners before applying the tinted film on the car window, the reason why there is that the film will not effectively stick to the window or the film will crinkle up on the window as a result.

Also do not apply automotive film to residential thermal pane windows.

The most important thing from the start is to make sure that the window is clean, the tinted film that you are going to lay over the window’s shape itself must not have any sticky residue or dust on it’s surface because again that can keep the film from effectively sticking to the window.

So from here is the run-down of the process:

  1. Pic-09082013-006Use a solution cleaner while cleaning with scrubber, and also use a low-lent cloth to dry the glass. Spray on the solution cleaner onto glass then use the squeegee pad to wipe it clean. 


(pictured above are the key things needed for the job, you need cleaning solution, a low-lent cloth, a knife with break-away blades, a 3-in-1 squeegee with both soft rubber edge with both hard edge / and angle edge).

NOTE: you will also need a roll of scotch type & rubber pad scrubber for this job task, these items might not come included with the kit

Use the low-lent cloth to dry the window’s surface, after you have cleaned it off.


  1. Pic-09082013-009 Then you need to use “2 pieces” of scotch type so first place one piece of the type on each side of the film corner , and half of the type on the film itself, and half extending over the edge of the film.

  1. Pic-09082013-010 Once the type is applied to the edge of the film you then must press it on firmly, then pull 2 pieces of the film itself in opposite directions. You should see one side of the film that is tinted while the liner will be exposed as well.

  1. Pic-09082013-011 Then you need to wet the outside of the window, and roll the film liner side facing out onto the glass.

  1.  Pic-09082013-012Trim away the excess film, position the film so that the straight bottom-edge extends one-quarter (1 cm) below the top of the inside gasket.
  1. Pic-09082013-013Then wet the film with the solution cleaner.

  1. Pic-09082013-014 With the soft rubber edge of the squeegee stroke the film in a gentle downward motion, this will temporarily hold the film in place until the film can be trimmed you should trim the vertical edges off first.

  1. Pic-09082013-016 … Pic-09082013-017 When you are trimming off any excess film off of the window, you should apply gentle force in care of not slicing the window to avoid causing any damage to it.

  1. Pic-09082013-020 … Pic-09082013-019 Before trimming the top edge of the film open the door and lift the film gently from the bottom of glass, and then roll the window down 2 inches (5 cm) then trim the film to the edge of the glass using the top of the window as a outline guide.

  1. Pic-09082013-022Trim carefully along the mirror as well, then spray the inside of the window with the application solution and use a low-lent cloth making sure to remove any dirt present.

  2. Remember any dirt left behind will cause the window to bubble, so it is of high-importance to have the glass completely clean.

  1. Pic-09082013-023 Then use the rubber squeegee or low-lent free cloth to dry it.

  1. Pic-09082013-024 Be sure to wipe down gasket were any dirt gets trapped, wrap the hard end of the squeegee with the low-lent cloth and clean the gaskets thoroughly otherwise trapped dirt might get pulled up onto the film and do not use paper towels to clean the film at any time.

  1. Pic-09082013-025 Use two pieces of transparent type to remove the clear liner which protects the adhesive, place one piece of type on the side of the film corners, and make sure that half of the type is on the film while the other half is extending over the corner edge.

  1. Pic-09082013-026 Then press the two pieces of type firmly together and then peel them apart slowly to expose the adhesive, while removing the liner spray the exposed adhesive thoroughly with the solution cleaner.

    This will help to prevent static electricity build up when pulling apart the adhesive part of the film and cuts down on dirt particle build up.

  2. Pic-09082013-028 … Pic-09082013-030 … Pic-09082013-031  Spray the inside of the window with the solution cleaner, then carefully lift the film from the outside of the glass and then place the wet adhesive side against inside of the glass.

  3. Pic-09082013-032 Position the film on the glass and fold up the bottom edge, doing so will keep the adhesive side from attracting dirt particles.

    Pic-09082013-033 … Pic-09082013-034 Then slide the film into place leaving about a one-eighth inch gap (3 mm) at the top of the window, and then spray the solution cleaner on the outside of the film.

  4. Pic-09082013-035 Then press the film firmly against the glass using the soft rubber edge side of the squeegee, so start at the top and work your way down as you are wiping.

  5. Pic-09082013-036 … Pic-09082013-037 Roll up the window and then remove all water that remains at the bottom of the film with a low-lent cloth, then respray the bottom of exposed glass with the solution cleaner and squeegee dry or use the low-lent cloth to clean and dry.

  6. Pic-09082013-038 … Pic-09082013-039 … Pic-09082013-040  Then re-wet the bottom again and then roll the adhesive film unfolding down onto the bottom part of the glass, then slip the film under the gasket.

  7. Pic-09082013-042 … Pic-09082013-041 … Pull back the gasket so that the film slides easily behind the gasket, use the hard angle edge of the squeegee to help tuck in the film until it is fully placed behind the gasket.

  8. Pic-09082013-044 … Pic-09082013-045 Run the film under the gasket completely using the squeegee and also using your fingers, and do not crease the film.

  9. Pic-09082013-046 Squeegee in a downward motion until all of the water is pushed out from under the film, and only attempt this part of the process only when the film is fully tucked under the gasket.

    Pic-09082013-047 Push any bubbles under the film to the nearest edge.

  10.  Pic-09082013-048 … Pic-09082013-049 … Pic-09082013-050  Then wrap the low-lent cloth around the hard edge of the squeegee and firmly press the water down to the nearest edge, the cloth will absorb any excess water and will prevent any solution from creeping back onto the film.

  11.  Pic-09082013-051 This last step is just common sense, so you should know to wipe any remaining solution that is just left on the inside of the door itself LOL.


So all in all 25 steps to tinting a window, LOL s**t that is a lot of steps but if done right you now have a great looking tinted car window.

But you still have to realize something that you might not have thought about..

You still have to get the other window!! LOL.

Alright see ya later guys 🙂 . Click on the link below to see other examples of window tinting procedures. After all I’m not an expert, but doing the research is f**king fun!!

(Video Credit: HollywoodBartow)

How To Tint A Side Window On Your Car (Think You Can Do It?)..

(By: Jaye Irons)

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