Syria Serious Situation… Wow Look The 3’Ss LOL.

(SSS) = Syria Serious Situation…


Pic-09112013-007So out of the frying pan and into the furnace, we had went past the fire part already you know..


But things just seem to be getting out of hand for the U.S., and this seems to be another situation that has came out of far far left field.

 (Bashar al-Assad pictured right)

This again is focusing on the war department for us, we just got done dealing with the previous war when we had faced off against the notorious Osama Bin Ladin and now it seems things are just getting warmed-up all over again.


Why you say?.. Because we might have another country that is looking to pick a fight with us and that’s Syria..


Well that’s if they do the right thing, and it seems that they are being motioned by Russia to “back-off” this whole thing with the chemical weapons that has the United Nations just waiting in the wings for Syria to f**k up if they actually think to make a move against the U.S.


But they have to know, if they do they will more in likely lose that battle I’d say..


President Obama has been getting flanked by Congress once again, as he tried to bring them to the attention of the situation out in Syria.


And another thing is, what or rather why is Russia stepping in all of this with Syria to try to get them to stand down before the U.S. might declare a military strike against Syria.


Russia I guess must be an ally to Syria, because they are suggesting for Syria to step-down from their chemical warfare program.


Pic-09112013-008And I’m sure that the U.S. DOES NOT want to see another war for a very very long time.


But the possible antagonist as of now is Bashar-al Assad, and many Americans are already leaning toward Obama’s decision to either get the U.S. involved or not.


There are Americans now who are just sick and tired of madmen dictators like Assad, and of course the other group that is also tired of them is the U.N.


So the United Nations now have to decide where all of this will go with Syria, remember also the earlier and similar situation that was being looked at with North Korea.


Kim Jong-Un was being sighted for the possible threat of a missile program attack, that was rather testing the patience of the U.N. After repeated “call-outs”  by them to North Korea to cease their nuclear missile launch program.

Even though nothing had jumped off with them as of late, and hopefully it won’t.

LOL if you think about it, the U.S. has enough problems to either bare or attend to as time rolls on.


And I don’t think they are looking for a new war to start-up right this moment, but on the other hand other countries are looking at the U.S. at it’s dexterity and stability.


I would say the U.S. needs to keep an eye on this matter with Syria, and should tread carefully in the time ahead..




Syria Serious Situation… Wow Look The 3’Ss LOL.


(By: Jaye Irons)

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