Google Glasses: Reversed Technology Sighted By The Big “G”…

Governmental Meltdown Over Goog’s Glass-Wear


Pic-09122013-005I was have been trying t o get to this post in forever’s time, and it has been due to me being super-busy.

 (Co-founder of the Google Glasswear product Sergey Brin wears a pair himself.)

So if you are use to seeing me post everyday but haven’t been lately, then you now know why.


But I still try to find the time to get some posts up (a lot of my time has been going to working and creating a e-book), because I just like taking out some time to give you guys what you like most… Powerful Information!!


You guys are worth it definitely, so I that drives me to do the stories here on my site.


So without further adieu, we are looking at the popular “google eye-wear glasses”.


Now these glasses have been stirring up some technology controversy, that has “certain’ higher-ups doing a little twitch here and there in their “pedestal seats”.


And I guess the invention of the Google glasses, may have push the “hay” a little too far from the horse to reach in order to eat.


There are reports that some places are not permitting the Google glasses to be welcomed at certain establishments.


One such matter is at a Seattle bar, which for some reason has banned the glasses from being worn inside of it’s place of business.


And then you have to say, ok but what’s the big deal… They are just glasses, yea in a sense they are but you might want to take a closer look at them.


The same thing sparked off controversy on the ever so popular social media sight which is Facebook, one prompted message that was left in a post by someone.


In the message, it wasn’t all to nice which regraded Google glasses technology.


And the issue was that of other people’s privacy, that was in question. And this is pissing off a lot of people that believe that privacy is their given right, and not to be violated or taken away by others that are in possession of this device.


Pic-09122013-006Ummm… So I’m thinking that this is some type of “spy-ware” gadget (that sounds just a tad governmental you think?), that means then it has the capability to spy and learn info about anybody else present in the room if the user is wearing it?..


LOL now I’m thinking about that one movie that I saw on Svengoolie years ago called The Man With The X-Ray Eyes”.


And it was about this guy who can see through anybody’s clothing, or see them coming a block away if he were to look through the wall of course.


But if you look through that example then it should stand clear about someone’s privacy rights, so in the movie the man has that power to view anybody in the nude.


But even though he has this ability (and the others don’t know of course) about what he can do, he did freak out at the end, when his powers started growing and he couldn’t control it.


End result he went completely mad, especially after he can now only view people as skeletons LOL. But the point to that movie is privacy of others being violated by someone else’s hand, and in that case it was that guy called The Man With The X-Ray Eyes“.


So this is more of a thing where people might find this technology, somewhat intrusive in violating their given right to privacy.


Pic-09122013-007In fact it had sparked some chaos, after one person shared a statement on Facebook I meant to finish what they said when I had just brought up that part a little earlier in this post.


But they simply said… “And those who dare break the rule will, receive “ass kickings” that are “encouraged for violators”.


Now that was part of a posted message on Facebook by someone, and I guess they are addressing the issue of privacy terms relating to the social media site itself.


Even though I don’t see how they would be able to kick someone’s butt through the computer LOL, but hey just about anything nowadays is become weirdly possible haha.. So who knows.


So I don’t know, it seems like the Google glasses might make someone a target LOL, more then a welcome spectator.


Makes you wander also, what was the purpose of Google even spending time to bring this technology out anyway in the first place especially if it will cause an issue like privacy invasion of others.


Only Google can answer that, and maybe they should be asked why by the consumers before they opt-in to purchase this product.


(Video Credit: IB Times TV)



Google Glasses: Reversed Technology Sighted By The Big “G”…


(By: Jaye Irons)



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