The KKK & The NAACP Sit Down To A Meeting?… REALLY??

Talk About Your Secret Club House Meeting This One Takes The Cake!



Saturday it wasn’t in the park, and it wasn’t on the fourth of July LOL. Hey Chicago was a jamming music group, so I had to sneak that line in there.

But this was a Saturday meeting between two highly unlikely allies, to be frank it would be more like a meeting between Osama Bin Ladin, Adolf Hitler, Ganges Khan, and bringing up the rear would be Gaddafi.


Pic-09122013-011Now why in the hell would both the NAACP and the KKK hook-up for a Saturday get together is just WAY beyond the f**k past me.


This one would even have the hamburger caught out at every turn, while he tries to steal a burger from good old Ronny Mc D & friends.


So if Benny Hill was here to see this one, he might just pack his bags and retire from comedy and become a hermit in the deep wilderness somewhere hanging’ out with Grizzly Adams throwing back a few cold ones I’d say LOL.


WTF .. Or why in the world are they having a meeting for?


Well I had to jump into this one, so the thing is this about the KKK & the NAACP.


Pic-09122013-020This meeting was brought together in order to discuss the situations of African American males that were targeted over a recent span of time.

 (Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez pictured right, Kim Kardashian & Kanye West pictured left)

The reason why that is, was because of inter-racial relationships between both African American males and Caucasian females.

Pic-09122013-019So I wonder how they feel about hollywood celebs that date or marry outside of their race.. Two examples are posted.


The place that this was taking hold in the town Gillette, Wyoming.


Also Klan literature started to pop-up as well in the town to signify the nonacceptance of the inter-racial boyfriend & girlfriend courtship.


So the meeting was held in Casper, Wyoming to talk the issue over between the two factions.


So in the meeting room you had the Klan members on one side of the room, and the NAACP on the other side and between them was a table (or like a line if you will dividing a parted sea.)


Pic-09122013-013And it was said at the meeting that the KKK is trying to turn over a new leaf from violence, hahaha.. Yea and Tony the Tiger will start to do “Trix” cereal commercials on PBS next summer in 14′.


Look you have to sit back and just laugh at that statement, you know dam well this has been an issue for years over race.


And I said it before in one my earlier posts about a similar situation, people are not ready!!


They still don’t get it, when ever I step outside I can almost feel that ignorance that lies in wait, that bigoted way of thinking how some feel that they are better than another because of the color of their skin.


Pic-09122013-021You see people despite the fact that racism did happen on a grand scale back then, it took many people of color to their grave, and it divided people because of “fear” of skin color…


Don’t they know that God is the one who chose you to be who are to be?


Don’t they understand what the whole point of being on this planet was to be, for them or anybody else?


And they question God’s image of man itself, they try to re-write in society what is acceptable and what is how they say it now.. Oh yea they say it’s poison, or it’s evil for someone to relate to another that happens to be a different color.


People, PEOPLE, you never question the big man upstairs about diddly squat.. He does things in mysterious ways for a reason.


Right now he is testing you, and a lot of people are f**king failing his test both black & white and other races. They are getting F- ‘s on the report card you see…


You see my ex-girlfriend I had broke up with was white, I dated black females and hispanic females.


And I say it’s No Big Deal.. Some might say it is, I just saw the “full” story about Emmett Till.


The younger generation both black & white probably don’t know who he was, but his story was really a corner stone in the times of segregation and “Jim Crow Laws” of the deep south in Mississippi.


And because young Till didn’t understand the ways of the deep south back then in the 50’s, he lost his life because he was coming on to a older white female in her 20’s.


And this kid of 14 years of age, winded up getting beaten to death very badly (the kid had no face after he was murdered and found later in a river days later) and shot in the head because of the simple fact that she was white and he was black.


Pic-09122013-014And it all happened at a store out in Money, Mississippi where Till first meets Carolyn Bryant and was dared to flirt with her by his friends and cousins.

(Emmett Till’s mother demanded an open casket funeral pictured on the far right to display what his killers did to him because of racism. The left side photo of young Emmett Till on Christmas day months before his murder in 1955.)

Till felt that he had to do it because he had told his peers that he had intercourse with a white girl back in Chicago, in the end he lost his life and after that unforgettiable day, and at his funeral his mother order for an open casket ceremony to be held so that the whole world can see what hatred was really all about.

The true monsters where Roy Bryant and his half brother J.W. Milan, after brutality murdering a boy who didn’t know any better of what he was doing. But isn’t that just it, you don’t kill a kid for not knowing what they are stepping into but in Bryant’s eyes he could only see color and that was all it took.


But you see back then Mississippi and Chicago was completely to different places in the 50’s.


So it seems almost 60 years later, this dumb shit still goes on between people over color.


And people hate someone because of who they appear to be, and yet they sit up there in Church on a bright Sunday morning preaching to the lord about accepting others regardless of color.


LOL God is going to have a fields day on Judgement Day, for those who know hate will not know him, and thus cannot enter the kingdom of heaven that goes for all of us regardless of your color it’s just a fact. Click the links below to read more on what we just discussed. Until next time people..


NAACP meets KKK meeting


Emmett Till’s killers 


(Video Credit: Mamie Till Mobley)



The KKK & The NAACP Sit Down To A Meeting?… REALLY??


(By: Jaye Irons)

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