What Most Humanoids Don’t Know About Themselves.

The Hidden Gifts.. Inside Of You.


Pic-09142013-003For many years to date man has tried to find ways to improve their own natural given abilities, this could be anything from walking, to running, to touch and smell, physical or non-physical, sight & sounds etc.. etc..

 (Scott Flansburg better known as the “Human Calculator” could calculate math problems in mere seconds pictured right) 

So you basically get the picture so far, and this video I checked out will basically change the way you see yourself and others in the world.


Or rather it will give you a little better understanding about how the body works, and how some others can seem to do extra-ordinary things which to others might say it’s impossible for them to be able to do that.


But here’s the thing about that theory, both the body and the mind are an enigma (mystery, strange) to be honest.


You’ve heard the stories about the lady who lifted a 2 ton car off of her kid that was trapped under it when they got into a unexpected car accident.


Or a man who jumped out of a plane while sky-diving and his parachute does work, and somehow he survives by hitting the ground twice on impact and manages to get up and walk away from it. Yea that one is just plain crazy!


Then you have people who can remember stuff perfectly like if they read a paragraph on an article, and can rely either most or everything as to what they just got done reading but it would take others maybe a few days to remember line from line or even weeks!


Pic-09142013-002Or some people who can with-stand the cold, walking outside for long periods of time and would be fine. And they can do this by, training the body to raise it’s own temperature by focusing their thoughts and generating heat internally.

 (legendary “Mas Oyama” was capable of fighting bulls with his bare hands, he fought a record shattering 52 bulls in his lifetime and won the battles)

The one about the guy that was wrestling bulls was just tripped out to the max, he could literally kill a bull with a powerful blow strike by the use of his hands.


That does sound weird and usual, because most people LOL would be trying to run and dodge a bull but not this guy that lived years ago he would be what you could call a exception to that rule.


And Bulls are heavy and big, so you have to be very f**king strong to handle one like that..


They are also dangerous and if you get them startled in a bad way, they can then turn destructive and violent in just mere seconds and come 

Pic-09142013-001rushing at you as a result without hesitation.

 (even though this is from a music video do you see the boy “arching” his body from off the side of the tree itself, some people can do that for real it takes some pretty serious mind focusing & balance to do that particular feat)

So I wrote this post because years ago when I was in my early 20’s, I learned how to lift and move objects while being in a unbalanced state.


So basically when most people go to lift something heavy, they have to balance themselves fully in order to do so. And many say to themselves when it gets a little to heavy, I better stop.


So then they have reach their absolute limit. But is it?


I can lift an object without bracing myself, at first it was somewhat difficult but over time as you get better at doing something it just becomes easier like (practicing a technique till you get it down to a science.)


At my old job I worked, we had these copper reels that weight 600 pounds sometimes more, for some reason I decided to try to push the copper reel out of the wooden pallet while it was sitting “wedge” in the grooves of the pallet.


Pic-09142013-005There was big guys there that thought it was impossible for someone to literally walk the copper reels out of the groove of the pallet itself (with their bare hands) and they would think you would need a forklift to be able to accomplish such a task but not true LOL..

 (those were the type of copper reels that I would walk out of the groove of the wooden pallets just using my hands and “sheer driving force”)

My friend that was a committee guy representative witnessed what I could do, he FREAKED-OUT in complete disbelief and said to me…


What are you taking??”  “STEROIDS?”


I told him no, I just said I can focus in my mind and with a “speed” technique I came up with a number of years ago and with practice I was able to use velocity as a driving force to walk the copper reel out of the pallet itself.


I even brought over a co-worker that saw me do it, because I had to be sure that what I was doing wasn’t just some type of adrenaline hype on my part.


And I did it again, I even picked one a little heavier the first one was 636 pounds. The second was 662.


The co-worker said WTF man?! How did you do..


I cut him off with laughter, before he could sat the ‘that’ part 🙂 . I would have to do it sometimes if I couldn’t get a hold of a forklift truck to lift the reel out onto the floor, and then I would hook it up to the over-head crane and hook it up to the winding machine.

So I would just get it out on the floor myself, by my own “physical will” haha..

And I had to watch out for the safety girl, because it was dangerous because of the weight itself that these reels were weighing. If she would have seen me do it, I would get into trouble.

I even practice more things with the technique in terms of running speed, even though it’s much trickier to do this with running (increasing speed by extending your footsteps half an inch to a inch every other step while running this allows you to eventually cover more distance).

Another part to it to advance this technique, I added another mind trick to it to ease the focusing ability to do what I could do.


I would watch a TV show or movie or even sounds that I can intake into my mind by thought, what I would do is pick a part of the movie that was most interesting to me and hold a few seconds of that part in my mind and then replay that image over and over again.


Then I can redirect that energy, that’s how I gain strength.. Your “classic” (mind over matter). My hand / eye coordination is ridiculous fast, it just doesn’t make any sense LOL..


Then I would test out what I saw and heard in that part of the movie (usually a matter of seconds, depending on how long the part runs), I even advance that and started pushing two scenes in my mind one running into the next and can turn that into what I like to call “false energy”. 

I learn how to focus my mind on a mental level to do the technique just by thinking about it, instead of doing the technique by finger motioning. So it would look like I’m lifting or moving something heavy normally, and no one could tell if I was using any extra strength to exceed what I was regularly capable of doing in the first place.

The reason for that was I didn’t want to draw any attention when I need a boost to lift something if it was heavy, I would tap my index finger against the side of my thigh and in that “quick instant” I would direct & convert that motion into an energy booster to lift or pull the object all-in-one-motion. 

Yea sounds weird, but that’s how I could do it until I found out how to do it just by thinking about it without tapping my finger against my thigh (which was the 1st part of the technique’s original way to do it, I later learned to do the same thing and improved it using the “false energy” concept).


The first part of the technique was moving my arms at the speed of my fingers, you can move your fingers back and forth very quickly. So imagine if you can focus that speed to make your arms move at that rate of speed, that might make it more clearer to you when I put it like that in explanation.


Just a few years ago I finally was able to do it with my legs as well (matching the speed of my finger movements), so running is a sheer breeze LOL. And now at age 40, I feel very good a lot of that has to do with what I learned back then to make that possible now.


Pic-09142013-004But anybody can do this, your mind is very powerful & complex it’s just up to you to find a way  to unlock that hidden part of it whatever it may be then you can use it.

(this guy can control the flow of electricity coursing through his body at will)

LOL I’m still trying to figure out the guy that can channel electricity through his body?? Yea that’s spectacular in itself, a walking “General Electric” battery guy haha..


So you need to see this video about these other guys, and what they could do..


After you see it, you will look at things in a much different perspective no doubt.


Later guys!




What Most Humanoids Don’t Know About Themselves.


(By: Jaye Irons)

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