Governmental Lock-Down: Freedom & Security..

Alex Jones Says “Stay In Your House!”


Pic-09182013-009I want to point this topic of discussion out today, and I know most Americans will want to hear this in “flush” details..


What do most people think about when you mention the 2 words that the average American loves to hear, those 2 words are Freedom and the other is Security.


Freedom itself gives a person the right to choose what he or she wants to do, where they might want to go in life or a place at a moments’ notice, even the free choice to take their own life if they are not happy with the life they are living now.


That last line sounded a cold and harsh, but it is a freedom of choice given to each and every one of us to make that decision along with any other.


Pic-09182013-010We then might think about security in living our lives, feeling that we are protected by our government that establishes the military branches like the army, navy, air force, etc..


And the government also has the task of “supposedly” standing as a judicial force to maintain law and order in communities throughout the U.S.


And they do that through the authorities or better known as the police, five-o, local law enforcement, etc..


But I was surfing through the net a little, and ran across a video that guest starred Alex Jones in it.


A lot of controversy surrounds Jones just like a surround sound system being blasted out of a hoopty-ride (broken down looking car) cruising through the neighborhood, and the loud noise from it just seems to surround your head with pounding loud noise until your eardrums might just go pop! LOL.


Pic-09182013-013Well a situation broke out and Jones had got the skinny about how the government is cracking down on us average everyday citizens, he talked about a FBI raid on unsuspecting homes to the average American homeowners “no doubt”.


And how they just ran-sacked the joint looking for any evidence of possible terrorist threats, and you would not be all that shocked when I tell you what states that this took place in…


The ‘basic’ jobless state and horribly broke which is Illinois, had fell victim to a number of frantic visits by the FBI as they were barging into people’s homes and they were not looking for any peanut butter or jelly sandwiches I can say that much..


Minnesota was next on the list, as they were searched like Illinois were ‘certain’ homeowners there got a wild drop-in visit by them.


Certain homeowners in Michigan & North Carolina were also targets as well, to an unseeing search drawn out by the government’s gang.


But why all of the brutal push their way into your house type attitude?..


How come no one even showed these homeowners in these different states, any type of proof like search papers that authorizes them to be able to come in your quiet home to “take a look”  just to see if you are a TERRORIST!..


Yup the government like I said before is afraid of it’s own people, which is us by the way LOL.


Well the thing about all of that being said, is because these homes belong to “anti-war” activists.


Now I’m not a genius, but I know that certain measures were taken as a per-caution.


Think about it, when you see someone going to the airport what happens..


Pic-09182013-014They get searched very well, LOL very, very, well, to the point of the flying customers that then decides to file a suit against the airport for allowing security to conduct physical body searches that usually get out of hand in a hot New York minute.


And that goes on everyday LOL. I don’t see how the employees can put up with all of that commotion and stress like that on a constant level.


But the purpose is to “weed-out” the terrorists, who can pose a deadly threat whatever their murder plot may be.


But in the aspects of war, or even coming out into the public view to talk about it in any way.. Is something that most Americans should have the ability to do.


And I know this will make you say.. “But it is my free right, to speak openly!!”


That might be true, we heard this before in our social studies classes (hence on the word “social”) in high school.


Pic-09182013-015But honesty does it really matter, not really.


Because the government is taken the steps to go behind our backs and to denounce any rights we have on certain things that involve either them, or the laws, and other actions that they may take upon themselves that we look at as being suspicious and questionable.


This is especially true when it come down to the ridiculous tax hikes that a large part of America is subjected to, also not to “mention” health-care costs that is skyrocketing into the air just as fast as a kid setting off a bottle rocket that is set for blast off. Haha.

But this whole thing on anti-war talks amongst activists, is really getting viral in these times of uncertainty.


Makes you have to sit and think about the true stability & structure of this nation’s government, and it’s moral system in terms of how they really look at us as citizens of America I’d say..


And of course why they fear us so dam much!!


(Video Credit: RTAmerica)



Governmental Lock-Down: Freedom & Security..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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