“The Navy Yard Shooter”

Aaron Alexis: A Troubled Individual.


Pic-09192013-001I heard a little about this story so far about this military guy dubbed as “The Navy Yard Shooter”, and today his mother spoke out about possible problems that Alexis had been facing as of late.


And so far there have been a multitude of random shootings over a few years now.


Situations from a mall shooting around the Christmas holidays, from the Fort Wayne shootings, or the movie theater shootings, to the school shootings at Sandy Hook elementary.


More and more of these tragic events have been unfolding, and why is sometimes unclear as to what the shooter was thinking at the moment and just going into a blind rage wanting to end the lives of innocent people.


Which brings us to this case about Aaron Alexis, from what his mother was saying was that he was experiencing trouble being able to sleep.


To me right there is a big sign that something is disturbing him, insomnia is no laughing matter and it can become deadly.


Pic-09192013-002Because if you can’t sleep, then you will start to become sloppy at rational thinking (logical thinking is disturbed) and that means also that lack of sleep can cause a person to be more easily influenced because of their weaken “mental” state.


But it was other theories as to why Alexis did these shootings, and that was briefly explained by his mother that was being told by her son himself about “off-the-wall” suggestions that may have played a distant motive as to why the shootings happen.


Alexis had told his mother that he was hearing voices, as well as not being able to sleep properly.


And in later reports while he was on the navy base working through a summertime schedule, would come back saying that Alexis was claiming that people were out to get him in the “worst way” and eventually paranoia type tendencies started to build-up from there inside of him.


He even said that “these” individuals were using some type of microwave sound vibration device, that was being used for the purpose of “mental suggestions”.


He was saying that there were people following him day and night, and that they kept using a vibration device of sorts to keep him from getting any sleep.


Another thing to that also was the statement that Alexis himself had told Rhode Island police as he made a visit to the station there, telling officers that he was being talked to by people through the walls of his hotel room. And that they were using a “microwave” device to disrupt him from sleeping.


Now why that would make him kill 12 people, no one is really 100% about why Alexis would go off on a shooting rampage like that.



Pic-09192013-003But it was also said that he was showing erratic behavior as well, so all in all who knows what really was going through the mind of Aaron Alexis before the shooting massacre had taken place days later.


But you see this is just another case now that is being looked at under a microscope, and this is where gun laws get the “whammy” put on them to enforce on citizens in this country even further.

So the way the government will see all of this is pretty simple.. They are gonna just think everybody is a “suspect” pretty much, and a potential terrorist.


So it’s like a see-saw… Up and Down, Up and Down, and as long as scenarios like this keep taking place, citizens gun law rights will get hammered down to the lowest common denominator compiling more restrictions as a result..


So you know this is a chess-match that just can’t be won it seems, because the man with the best played hand will screw it up for everybody else who is just trying to survive & protect themselves and family in this game called life. But in this case with Aaron Alexis, was he a true victim of scalar weapon technology?

Honestly only he would know that answer to that $50,000 dollar question.




The Navy Yard Shooter


(By: Jaye Irons)


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