Devil May Cry..

Dante The Badass Demon Slayer..


Pic-09212013-005So what do think about the game Devil May Cry that came out on the Playstation 2 a number of years ago (12 or 13 years I think).


The game itself was a different type of survival horror genre all together, and it starred a rather unusual protagonist of the game’s series Dante.


Now the thing about Dante’s past in the game story is clouded, and the only way you really can get the idea of where the story goes that will lead him from step-to-step is of course you must play the game to find out more about his past.


But from the beginning of the opening scene of Devil May Cry, this girl shows up (a chick named Trish flying through the air and actually lands outside with Dante’s establishment called “Devil May Cry” seen in the distance).



Dante was on the phone at the time telling whoever that they are closed at 9 o’clock –eastern standard time haha when the sound of a motorcycle is heard in the distance.


Trish blasts through the front doors of his place riding the motorcycle into his establishment and Dante thinks this girl needs help from him, maybe a job for him to do (which usually involves killing some type of demon creature).


So he starts off by telling her to “Slow Down babe!”


Pic-09212013-012Well, well, what do we have here, nature calls it’s in the back.Yea that sounds like a Dante line right there..


(pictured left to right is Dante, Vergil, & Nero “Sons of Sparda”)

But instead she starts asking him about Sparda, this person of interest to her is actually Dante’s father who is a demon. She also mentions to him about his brother and mother that he lost to “evil” 20 years ago.


The thing about Sparta himself was that he was a fighter for the human race, he would go up against other demons to stop them from taking control of the human world from ultimately enslaving humans in it.


But at the same time he was still a demon himself, and people would often confuse him as being against them instead of fighting for them. And 

Pic-09212013-013they felt that way about him up until his death.

 (Sparda pictured right: “Legendary Demon Slayer”)

Most people would refer to Sparta as the Legendary Dark Knight”, yea that sounds familiar right?… Batm—n. If you can’t guess that rest of that then you come from Pluto LOL.


So that’s were Dante his son comes in at, Trish also has a key part in all of this that involves a relationship with Dante & his brother Vergil..


And there is another twist to this mysterious girl as well, because she mirrors the image of someone Dante knew from his past that she just mentioned to him.


Pic-09212013-007After the brief conversation between the two, Trish then make it a point to put Dante on notice about getting information out of Dante.

 (“Lady” this girl plays for keeps when taking down demons in the underworld, and is a unlikely ally to Dante after almost blasting him with her trusty Rocket blaster cannon she shows up in DMC part 3)

She does that by doing what most girls probably would not do.. She picks a fight with him LOL.


Make no mistake at this point of the introduction but the girl can fight, she displays powers like electric shock and martial arts of some kind.


She even impales Dante with his own sword during the encounter, as she taunts him about really being the son of Sparta saying.. “What’s the matter didn’t your daddy teach you how to use a sword?”


She pretty dam strong as well, picking up a motorcycle (she gets on one after she comes out of the sky from flying?? Not sure) and launches it at him by throwing it.


But it’s only one problem, Dante was holding back.. And turns up the juice with his demon powers that run through his blood (which he tells her during the fight).

 (again Dante dances with death as he runs across the mysterious “Lucia” in DMC part 2, she becomes his ally later on after they meet)

And he draws his two guns for battle (ebony & ivory), blasting the heavy motorcycle that she hurled at him and from there Trish jumps out of the way to avoid getting hit.


Dante then tells her “Even as a child I had powers, there is demonic blood in me.”


He pulls the sword out of his chest, and moves toward her with his guns trained (aimed) on her.


She tells him that she isn’t his enemy, but she seeks his help to put a stop to the rise of the underworld.


A confused Dante then looks at her closely as she removes her shades that she was wearing from the start when she entered into the building, he realizes that she looks like his deceased mother from 20 years ago..


  • Hence from there starts the journey & the game for Dante at that point as he makes his way to an old Castle to unravel secrets that need to be discovered.


Devil May Cry game-play was always fun and crazy, you can do a wide range of combos using either Dante’s sword attacks, and even combine that with the use of his guns ebony & ivory.


He even gets other powers later on in the game like the Alicaster sword, not sure if that’s how you pronounce it and he has the rebellion sword which I know about.


With the Alicaster sword it gives him super speed, while he is in “devil mode”.


So his movements will double in speed and reflexes, but it only lasts until his “devil mode gauge” runs out and then it has to be recharged up again as he is in battle to use it again.


You also get joggling type combos with the sword when fighting enemies, (I’ll put in a video for that for you to check out).


As you progress you will encounter enemies, boss enemies, etc..


But I’ll let you see the video to learn more to this pretty great game series.


(Video Credit: yellabonej24)



Devil May Cry..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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