Robocop Returns?

Will The Revamped Version Surpass The Original?


Pic-09222013-0011987 was the year that this movie had donned the movie theater screens, and it was a unique type of story.


The movie was what you would call an “experiment”, and would test the movie audience integrity in terms of violence and gore.


Alex Murphy played by Peter Weller in the film, was a cop being transferred to the “Old Detroitdistrict where crime has evolved to the point of no return.


Pic-09212013-014Criminals ruled the streets tot the point where cops just couldn’t match up to their firepower, small armies of madmen, and scared citizens just giving up complete hope and giving up their city.


OCP steps into the picture which is a over-the-top type of organization that deals with the police force in Old Detroit, as well as other types of organizations in the city‘s setting in the movie.


But the thing about OCP, is that it was a corrupted organization itself no different from the criminals that were running the city.


OCP’s aim was in basic comparison that you see and witness today in the real world that is all out for money, power, corruption, & greed to put it frankly but they try to paint a “friendly picture” that they are for the improvements of Old Detroit so they are also underminding the citizens of the city with false hopes.


Now Murphy was totally new to the city itself, and not fully aware of the dangers that he would be up against.



He meets his future partner as she (Lewis) kicks the s**t out of this one guy at the police station, the Captain there tells him that she is his partner.


So they go out on the beat patrol, looking for any criminal activity and yea they do get the call that most cops do on the CB station radio.


And it was a robbery in progress, they managed to catch up to the criminals that were driving in a armored truck just after they hit the bank up for cash that one of the criminals had burned up most of the money accidentally after attempting to blow the bank’s safe open LOL.


The leader of the gang’s group is Clarence Boddicker, and he is a very sadistic cop killer that wants to control Old Detroit by all costs.

So as Murphy and his partner Lewis have a brief shoot-out on the freeway as they chase the gang to their hideout.


Pic-09222013-005From there is gets very graphic, and keep in mind this movie is a product of the 80’s so moives then would show graphic scenes but what happens to Murphy was just really, really MESSED UP. It is the only way I can tell you unless you see which yea I will put in some video, but I warn you if you don’t like extreme gore & violence then LOL don’t go there…

 (Robocop’s rapid fire “Auto 9” dubbed — super baretta– enhanced gun pictured right)

But they chase the gang into this abandoned factory, and Lewis manages to catch one of the gang members with his pants down (she walks up on a guy while his is taking a piss).

She tells him to freeze, but he makes a remark about his exposed part that’s not zipped up in his pants (she makes the mistake to look down).


He then catches her distracted for just a second and back-slaps her over a ledge (15 feet down), she hits the surface and is knocked unconscious.



Murphy at the time was scoping two other gang members, and catches them off guard he had them at gun point but.. One other gang member sneaks up behind him and now he is out-gunned, and out-manned as well.


To make things even worse Boddicker then shows up to really make his day basically his last, after a brief discussion between the two.


Boddicker makes a weird noise while aiming a shotgun at Murphy’s hand that he is stepping on after he knocks his down to the ground with the shotgun (he was sounding like a train guard rail motioning downward with “nah-nah-nah-nah noise”).


Pic-09222013-002When he stops the annoying sound he pulls the trigger and blows Murphy’s hand completely off (I told you it gets bad), but they weren’t finished and on top of that Lewis arrives moments later and is watching this on the other side of a fence-like barricade helpless..

And I’m not going to ruin that part for you, you’ll have to see the rest of that in the video.

 (vintage Robocop from the 80’s picture right)

But from there of course you figure that he dies and is selected to become Robocop, and the whole project was an experiment to create the ultimate law enforcer.


Now the thing about this movie that makes it great is again the ability to break the gore & violence barrier down and really shake-up the audience and get them into the character’s trials and tribulations 


 (revamped Robocop picture left for 2014)

This something most movies today just lack, and from what the new Robocop movie in 14′ will be like will bring up the question will it surpass the original from 27 years ago.


The new suit is a thing that caught my attention, and I’m wondering about his side-arm 3-shot repeater gun that just killer when he uses it to take out criminals.


So it comes down to Hollywood as usual, and you have to hope they don’t f**k it up because again when it comes to superhero type movies they try to go overboard on some things in terms of thought & creativity ideas.


So we just have to wait and see I guess.. I ran across this pretty badass intro of Robocop that’s also great, I think it’s from the TV series  from the 90’s not sure..


(Video Credit: MrNetzkino) “TV series from the 90’s??”


(Video Credit: Jordon O)  “murphy killed by boddicker & gang”



Robocop Returns?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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