The Mike Tyson “Winning Perspective”

He Drops That Knowledge On What It Takes To Win The Fight..


Pic-09222013-008Mike Tyson has to be one of most inspirational fighters to ever step foot in the ring, and the thing about that statement said.. He knows that’s true himself, but how does he win his boxing matches.


From cable pay-per-view televised heavy-weight title bouts, to massive crowds attending the matches at places like the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas or wherever it may take place Tyson is set and ready to go at it and fight his opponent.


But this is the thing that people want to know.. And that is how does he do it, how does he “psyche” himself and get into the mood to do battle (which in his case is usually quick and short).


So Tyson sat down to an interview and laid out some boxing knowledge, he shared some experiences that he had from the start from day one when he first had his actual first match.


So this was focusing on how he felt, in his mind where his thoughts was at that given time, and you might even say.. Did he know he was going to win this fight, before it even started?


Pic-09222013-010So this is what Tyson was saying during the interview that he sat down to while in the background, a flock of pigeons? I think motioned around in flight, while he was speaking his mind..

 (vintage photo left with Tyson saying.. “Everybody’s got plans… until they get hit.” – Mike Tyson.)

Interviewer: “Do you still believe today that you should never back down from a fight?”


Tyson: “I believe we should choose our battles,because I realize in life and I know that people are not going to like what I’m going to say.”


I found out this in life sometimes we gotta fight you know, even if people don’t know how to street fight , or even if it is a whimpy guy, we have to fight, even if we know we are going to lose we still have to fight.”


I don’t know why, or why we just can’t say I don’t want to do this, you don’t want to do this even though you know that we may get the shit kicked out of us, we know that we’re going to kick his ass like we’re the bully.”


And umm.. I never understood that whole dynamics of life, but that’s the way it is.”


Pic-09222013-012Now I remember the fight with Evander Holyfield and Tyson back in 96′, and doing their match bout Tyson’s trainers & the rest of his camp was claiming that Holyfield was headbutting Tyson doing parts of the fight.


This was to be believed as to how Holyfield would come away as the “victor” of the fight match, and it wasn’t over because the two would meet again only months down the road into 97′.


The two reunited for their 2nd boxing match encounter, but this time Tyson would get some revenge from their last bout match.


Tyson again complained about Holyfield going to the headbutts, to unfairly win the match.


This I think is where Tyson in this interview now which explains a little of what he might have been feeling back then, that night that turned chaotic and unruly that ended their match and leaving a few people injured which I’m thinking was the trainers and the two boxers’ support crews battling amongst themselves as a result.


Pic-09222013-011Tyson basically bit off a piece of Holyfield’s ear, because of the headbutts that Tyson kept receiving from Holyfield and the referee did nothing to stop Holyfield from doing so.


So I guess in the interview, Tyson did say sometimes we have to fight, maybe in this case his “killer instincts” just kicks in and the savage side of Tyson came out after Holyfield in full force.


But it doesn’t justify what Tyson did to make it right, but he does have a point sometimes fights can get brutal.. But it just the way it is, when you are standing up for yourself willing to fight for what you feel is right.



Just about everybody has that “will” to fight inside of them (some people are too scared to fight back), but I’m a fighter and yea I will stand up for what I know is right.


But I won’t bite off a ear to make that point LOL..


I didn’t know Tyson had such a huge overbite.. OUCH!..


(Video Credit: DreamChaserShow)




The Mike Tyson “Winning Perspective”


(By: Jaye Irons)



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