Navy Yard Shooter: A Closer Look..

Footage That Is Unforgettable: Navy Yard Shooter Caught In The Act.


Pic-09252013-002I just did a post about Aaron Alexis who is better identified as the “Navy Yard Shooter”, and some more details came out about the last span of moments of him going on a rampage shooting spree that would ultimately come to an end by the hands of the police.


Now the thing that still has the FBI tied into knots is the hidden motive that led to this killing spree led by Aaron Alexis on the day of Sept. 16, 2013.


Alexis was seen arriving at the Navy Yard garage parking area at about 8 ‘o clock, from there he made his way into the facility (Naval Sea Systems Command building) carrying a backpack.


So from here he had to have went somewhere maybe into a bathroom I’m thinking, because well the bathroom is camera-free if it isn’t then you have some peeking toms big time – and he probably unpacked his weapon of choice in there (Shotgun) and came back out.


Pic-09252013-003And I did do some further “digging” into this story and learned that yea he used the bathroom stalls as cover, and there where photos taken later after the ordeal of his backpack hanging inside of one of the stalls that he was in.


But the video footage that was released by the FBI, spotted him in the camera video peeking around corners, and at one point he was seen even walking down staircases in a stairway crouching and ready to fire his weapon at anyone who got in his line of fire.


The main weapon of choice was his Shotgun (Remington), he was also wearing dark attire type of clothing.


Alexis would shoot his first victim nearly 20 minutes while in the building (8:16 am), that is when Police were notified about a shooting at the Navy Yard.


They also received a first emergency call a minute later that came from the 4th floor of the 




Now despite all of that being said, Alexis had a situation that happened back in 2004 that was about a shooting incident that didn’t show up in an background check that was done on him in 2007.


Alexis also worked as a “sub-contractor” for the computer company called The Experts”.


And because of the killing spree that was raged by Alexis, Hewitt-Packard that had a contract with “The Experts” to employ Alexis that would work on ‘refreshing’ computer equipment for the (NMCI) Navy Marine Corps Intranet was fired as a result.


Hewitt-Packard blamed “The Experts” for not recognizing mental issues that Alexis had displayed while in their employ.


The “Footage” of Aaron Alexis will no doubt be chilling and unforgettable video for a long time to come..


“Navy Yard Shooter –Footage–”


“Air Lift From Navy Yard -short- footage”



Navy Yard Shooter: A Closer Look..


(By: Jaye Irons)






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