Ten Places That You Can’t Visit No Matter How Rich You Are!

What The?.. My Money Can’t Even Buy Me A Ticket Inside!?


Yea that would seem to be the issue because believe it or not, there are places in the world that even Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, or even Queen Elizabeth, could even have a snowball’s chance in h**l to get into these 10 places on this planet called Earth..


And that is no bluff..


  • We first start off with this super “top secret” missile base out in Mezhgorye, Russia where basically no one is allowed in of course.


Pic-09242013-008Why?.. Well because it’s a “top secret” missile place LOL.


And it’s hidden inside of a mountain, and is not known to many but to only those in which need to know.


But it is a massive secret underground facility inside of Yamantau Mountain, why it is so secretive is because of the given name of project that is simply called Dead Hand‘.


This project is a “nuclear based” operation which controls ‘smart missiles’ so yea no admittance there.


  • Secondly is one that you know you can’t even begin to bargain you way into unless you are a Cardinal or the Pope and that you would of course is “The Vatican”.


Pic-09242013-009Better yet to be more specfic try the Vatican Secret Archives, yea you’re not getting in there Donald Trump haha.


The reason for that is because that’s where very important info that is really only for the Pope’s eyes only, whether or not if Cardinals can view all of the things that the Pope can I can’t say.


I just know nobody can just waltz their merry way into that joint, not even with a semi-automatic LOL.


  • Thirdly we take a trip over to Disneyland, and this I don’t get at all but for some reason Walt Disney decided that only “certain” people rather guests are to be allowed into the infamous Club 33”.


Pic-09242013-011What Club 33 is I really don’t know about at all, except it was where Walt Disney would meet up with people either friends or would conduct business in this hush-hush place of his.


Even when he died you can only get into “Club 33” one way only, you need to be invited, and that is a 14 year wait on the list.. Geez, so don’t kick the bucket anytime soon or you’ll miss your invite LOL.


  • Fourth is the underground tunnels, and this will take us back to “Mother Russia” once again.Pic-09242013-012


The tunnels are known as “Metro-2” which is located in Moscow, Russia, and where constructed back in the 40’s by the madman Joseph Stalin who was a buddy of Adolf Hitler.


LOL that one h**l of a friendship you think?? But the tunnels purpose was to house Stalin and his armies (maybe even Hitler could come over and join them for a sleep over), in case of a “nuclear war” outbreak.


  • Fifth is a place that was operated since 1693, and the business at that time was into selling chocolate which was said to be very costly then.


Pic-09242013-013Chocolate then was a commodity you see, and not just anybody could get it because most people didn’t have the means to do so.


Today chocolate is easy to get, but it might be a low-grade of chocolate that most average Americans can get their hands on.


But a little extra history to this place known now as the “White’s Gentleman’s Club in London, England.


Yea not even Madonna and her “Material Girl Worldly Fortunes” LOL s**t could probably even help you get in there. You have to be SUPER-DUPER rich to even have a deceit chance!!


  • Sixth is an understatement and really to even think of putting this one up on the list is kinda an insult to many who already know they don’t have a rat’s ass chance to get into..


Pic-09242013-014Area 51 has got to be the most “secretive spots that who knows how many people have tried over the years to either spy on or get into, (good luck if you don’t get shot up first like Swiss cheese trying to do so).


But many have tried to actually try to get in, and many more have failed. But Google managed to get a great overhead view LOL with the Google Earth “eye-spy” on your ass Satellite.


Even though that is considered cheating.. Shame on the “Google” for peeking!..


  • Seventh would be a special room called “Room 39”, which is located in North Korea and this is a very very secret place and is known as an “established” organization that deals with currency.

Pic-09242013-015So you know when it comes to a lot of money LOL, and it is in a secret place that not even Uncle Sam can go after and get then yea you can just Forget About It!!


And you’ll never guess the state that this place is in, take a guess… Ok a hint: Kim Jung Un stays around there.. Yea it’s in Pyongyang, North Korea.


So with that being said haha, You now know you really are not getting in there!


  • Eighth is the “The Ise Grand Shrine”, which can be found in Japan and it is also one of the most “sacred” places in the world.


Pic-09242013-017A weird thing about it though, every 20 years it is destroyed (demolished) to the ground.


From there it is then “re-built”, and if you are not a part of the Japanese Imperial family then like I said about “Room 39” it’s not going to happen for you LOL.


The only other people allowed in are either priests or high priestesses, so there are no other “acceptations”.


  • Nineth is the “Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center” which is located here in the U.S. 


This place is known as a hush-hush type operation point that deals with strictly national weather disasters.


Only either Civilian & Military personnel of the highest clearance levels can get access. And it is also the home for the FEMA national radio system, which is used to keep in contact (dire weather emergencies especially) with different agencies / military factions in the U.S.


  • Tenth which brings us to the last place that you just don’t have a snowball’s chance in either an easy-bake oven or if you want to go hotter h**l LOL, and that would be…


Pic-09242013-019RAF Menwith Hill, United Kingdom and yea you heard right a –military intel city– that you can’t go to, how you like them apples..


The reason you or me are not invited to go is because of the fact that for one, it is a “Royal Air Force” station was houses various intelligence support services to the United Kingdom itself… (or the whole dam country LOL).


So I’m thinking a lot of hush-hush stuff discussed there is not leaving through any walls or hallways of the facility no time soon!


It is also a “intercept” & missile warning site, so that means if you’re feeling like your “Dirty Harry”, and you go and fire a missile off at them… Then LOL you better be at least 100 miles out of town before sunset you hear me partner?


Because they will come knocking at your door even if it is a quarter past 12:59 a.m.


And that’s it we’re done, thanks for attending this post today folks until next time.. (Click the link below this line)




Ten Places That You Can’t Visit No Matter How Rich You Are!


(By: Jaye Irons)

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