Farmer Brothers In Deep Trouble Transporting “Bad” Goods..

California Farmers Sing The Jail Blues Behind Bars..


Pic-09282013-001An epidemic situation had broken out, that has already killed 33 people thus far.


A group of Farmers out in Colorado, are in deep trouble..


The reason for that is because of negligence on the part of the farmers that should have checked their crops closely, before shipping out their food merchandise to customers who might decide to buy their food products at a farmer’s market or grocery store.


So the situation is dealing with cantaloupes that may look fine and great to eat but it was a “hidden” danger inside of them that you can’t possibly see with your naked eye, and the hidden danger was listeria which is a type of “bacteria” that you REALLY don’t want to catch as a virus inside of you.


So the thing about it listeria is that once it affects a human host it can cause a variety of illnesses including the No.1 top thing on the list which is death.


Symptoms may include the following from listeria..


    • It can weaken the “immune system” in adults.
    • It can have devastating effects on Pregnant Women & Newborns.
    • It can be a very high risk for the “elderly”, if they contract the virus.




So for two farmers brothers Ryan & Eric Jensen, they were both arrested on misdemeanor charges.


The charges also reflected that they were in the process of distributing the tainted goods to other state locations (supermarkets, customers, etc..).


The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) along with Disease Control Facilities came to the conclusion that the Jensen Brothers did not take proper procedures in ensuring that the cantaloupes were ‘contaminated’ free.


And the reason that they are only facing “misdemeanor” charges, is because they transported the food by using interstate commerce.


Pic-09282013-003But if this would have been a international operation, then they would face felony charges resulting in harsh penalties and stiff fines.


Another factor is the equipment that they use to help clean the cantaloupes, if the equipment that they were using is very old then it can be rather difficult to clean the food properly.

A listeria ‘outbreak’ or any other type of food diseases (another is “mad-cow” disease) is a serious one, and from this situation of contaminated food products has been received in 28 states.


So that means that the Jensens Brothers, are not out of the hot water not by far..


Family members have taken ‘legal action’ filing lawsuits against them, after having relatives either getting extremely sick or dying as a direct result of the disease outbreak from the food that came from their farm.


And they are looking at 6 years in prison, if they are convicted of the charges that have been brought against as well transporting ‘contaminated’ goods.


Only thing I can say is, it really sucks to be them right about now..





Farmer Brothers In Deep Trouble Transporting “Bad” Goods..


(By: Jaye Irons)


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