HP Battles “The Experts” Over The Navy Yard Shooter’s Mental Stability

So Who Is Responsible For The Massacre Shootings (Employers) At The Navy Yard?..


Pic-09282013-015So now it comes down to this, two computer company entities are at each other’s throats due to the actions of Aaron Alexis a.k.a (“The Navy Yard Shooter”).


The companies are hacking at each other mainly HP (Hewitt-Packard), trying to find each other accountable for the blame of Alexis’s mental stability while employed through the agency / company called The Experts”.


But at the same time Hewitt-Packard was acting as a third-party employer as well, just about everybody knows about this story because it has been plastered all over the news.


And really if you think about it, this will go on for a long while.


Pic-09282013-010Now the thing is about the victims that were caught in the shooters’ sights, and now the families are seeking retribution..


HP right away pointed the finger (not the foam types that you see at a typical football game), but more so something like a “digital finger” pointing to either side.


The “Experts” pointed a finger back at HP stating that they were totally unaware of Alexis’s actions, and stated that they were “in the dark” of the situation like HP was.


But all this said and done doesn’t mean diddly-squat, and that is because of the families that are dealing without their love-ones because of the shooter’s raging rampage at the Navy Yard Building.


This has to be tremendous pressure on both companies, and the next question is who will be cited to pay restitution to these families.



After the incident had occurred, HP decided to jump ship and leave “The Experts” holding the bag (probably trying to duck “lawsuits” you think?)

 (the backpack that Alexis left hanging in the bathroom stall & note picture right)

Alexis was hired through “The Experts” as a sub-contractor, and was hired in to manage information technology for U.S. Naval bases.


On the day of the shootings, Alexis had killed 12 people including himself who was killed by the police.


Pic-09282013-012HP then had a question asked about any addition knowledge about Alexis’s mental stability, or any other information about his past mental history.

 (the shooter craved the messages into his shotgun “Better Off This Way”, & “My ELF Weapon”)

So what they want to know is, who “dropped the ball” because every employee must be properly screened to determine if they are suitable to work under the ranks of the armed forces.


HP still beating the ‘dead horse’ again brought up the fact of “The Experts” lack of responsibility, assuring that Alexis was suited to work without any mental issues.


The Experts put a huge spin on the topic all together and mentioned the supervisor from HP that was supposed to be watching him closely like he was under a microscope.


Yea this isn’t over, not by far that’s for sure.. Click the link below to find out more.


“Aaron Alexis” clearence security issue



HP Battles “The Experts” Over The Navy Yard Shooter’s Mental Stability


(By: Jaye Irons)

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