O.J. Taking Cookies And Not Asking Permission?..

What Is Going On With The “Juice” Has He Finally Snapped?


 Pic-09282013-006Ok I have heard of some really silly s**t that goes on in prisons around the U.S. today, but this one has to take the cake completely away from Strawberry Shortcake (wait a minute– did he steal a cake from her as well or what? I Don’t think he would she would sue), but I really am starting to think that someone is putting a angle on Simpson in the worst way.


Ever since he has been in prison, he has been a walking “target” for ridicule which brings us to today about this matter at hand that would have a lot of people probably cracking up with uncontrollable laughter.


So it was reported that Simpson was stealing merchandise, but this time it was not his own stuff (which is a small part of the story leading him into prison).


But it wasn’t anything of value, nor was it anything most people would consider a big deal at all actually but it is comical.


Pic-09282013-007This time he is under the “microscope for stealing “Cookies”, that did not belong to him.






Oh man what next.. LOL


The situations that Simpson is getting thrown into are just hilarious, Bob Sagat from America‘s Most funniest Videoswould probably be pissing in his pants laughing his ass off over all of this.


But really people something like this, is not really anything BIG to get all bent out of shape over to be honest they are just Cookies.


But still ‘The Juice’ violated the mess hall rules of taking more than your fair share you see, and it did piss off the guards that stopped him to well–how would you put it to ‘confiscate’ the goods from him.


They did just that , I gotta say that has to be the most embarrasing episode type predicuments that O.J. Has been subjected to thus far.


The previous episode was when he was bragging about having ‘sexual relations’, with various white females that lead to a fight between him and another inmate.

And from what happened there, he didn’t fair well in the brawl (I did a post about that a while ago actually).


But this one was just too much to bare, I would have to say even Cookie Monster probably would have asked if he could take a few.. You know LOL.


Nah.. He would take the whole batch as well!


LOL.. Dam it all where’s the milk when you need it!





O.J. Taking Cookies And Not Asking Permission?..



(By: Jaye Irons)

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