Lady “Mindbender”

Drilling A Hole In Her Skull To Broaden Her Mind?..


Pic-09292013-003This one chick that I read about is just off her rocker completely, and I’m sure that a lot of people probably know about her (the older generation group is more familiar with her), and I have to share this story with some people and see what they think about her methods of getting that –ultimate rush– or getting high.

(Amanda Feilding today picture right) 

So this young lady at the time named Amanda Feilding, is who what you would call a definite candidate for being a true ‘eccentric’ to the core.


So what I’m going to tell you about what this girl did back in 1970 on a Sunday afternoon might make you lose your lunch, so I mind you eat something first before you read more..


So she is lady of different origins meaning that she like to re-invent herself, so does this through experiments.


Pic-09292013-001But it’s not like the type of experiments that you would test out on a rat (which most experiments that are used to help find cures, rats are usually the thing that scientists will go after to test it out on), she would do drug-testing experiments on herself.

 (vintage photo: Amanda Feilding 70’s)

And it goes deeper with Feilding, you see she discovered something called magic mushroomsand I will explain that more after the next few parts of this post.


But she also had another experiment that would make her an infamous individual over the course of time so no further adieu, I’m going to tell you what she did back then that made headlines even up until this day now.


So like I sad it was on a Sunday afternoon back in 1970, Feliding at the time was a art student in her 20’s and this particular day she felt kinda crazy and decided to conduct an experiment (on herself) while it was being video typed for the world to witness it in close detail..


IMG_0026First off she had sat in front of a mirror and then shaves her hairline then she took a floral shower cup, and ‘fixed’ positioned it to keep the rest of her hair back and out of her way.

(the ‘experiment’ she conducted back in 1970 to expand her “mental consciousness”) 

She then injected herself with some type of anesthetic to dull the senses of pain.


Now this next part again I will warn you again, wait until you eat something LOL because you might feel very queasy in the stomach.


After injecting the anesthetic into herself, she can now proceed with the experiment.


So she started to peel back a patch of skin using a scalpel, and had taken a dentists’ drill and placed it against the exposed bone on her skull and started to drill inward.


It took a little time but eventually she hit the jackpot and broke through to the part that is the thin membrane (duramater) that covers the brain itself she then stopped there.


And then it happened…  Blood just started to shoot out like crazy as a result from the opening that she had created in her skull, so she had then bandaged the exposed area and mopped the floor.


And I would think that she would want to make sure the floor was dry, because if she was too slip and fall on that exposed part of her skull.. Oh man, it’s hard to even think about it.


So after her video of her own experiment, feeling great about what she set out to do what does she do next you might ask?


Simple, she goes to a party later that night…


So yea the girl is touched in areas of the mind that is straight lunacy and crazy LOL.


Now there is a video available of the experiment that she performed on herself back then, and again before you see it I have to say eat something a few hours ahead of time before doing so or you might have a big mess to clean up haha.


So you asking why in the h**l would she do something like that to herself in the first place, well she in her own right I guess is a “drug scientist” and she believes what she is doing is trying to find ways to kill off aliments of the body.

But this was an experiment far different from that from what I just described.


IMG_0029That’s the best way I can put it, but most people would say that she is a ‘nutjob’ to the max and she should locked away in an asylum — so give or take it falls there in terms of the why question.

 (Bart Hughes performed the same procedure on himself, and encouraged for Feilding to try it which she did 4 years later)

But what you don’t know is that she didn’t do this experiment off of her own research entirely, she did it learning the procedure from this other experimenter named Bart Hughes that did it first.


Hughes had a different outlook on the procedure, he did it because he thought that the modern man back then (1966) needed to have better blood flow for the body.


So a hole in the head was they way that he thought would serve that purpose best, but bare this in mind Hughes actually learned about this from the tribe “the druids” which of course are related to the events and rituals of Stonehenge.


But Feliding did it for a different reason, her reason was to find a way to try to expand the consciousness of the mind.


After she did this experiment, and putting it to video she had then been labeled a name from others who would learn about what she did from that day forward.

They called her Lady “Mindbender”.

And all I can say is that this chick was nuts LOL, it just no way in h**l I would try to drill a hole in my head sorry not happening..


But this post getting rather lengthy so I will put in a link to her story so you can read more yourself, it also will tell you more about her experiments using various drugs like magic mushrooms. 

(Click here “Lady Mindbender”)


(Video Credit: trepanned)



Lady “Mindbender”

(By: Jaye Irons)

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