A Re-look At Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Theory On Technology..

Hal-9000’s In Our Future, Still Don’t See Any Today Except For Android Phones..


IMG_0023I like the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey which is a film created by Stanley Kubrick and written by Arthur C. Clarke this movie has got to be the most “inspriational” in terms of space travel and discovering other worlds.


And this one video that I was watching, gave more insight into the idealism that Kubrick had envisioned in this classic movie after it has now turned 45 years old.


There was some talk about the movie’s construction itself, or how it was put together and written.


At the time man has not yet been to the Moon, the Russians was first in space but they haven’t been to the Moon.



It would be the Americans that would brave the journey there and back, and it would be a very “iconic moment” that would be known for years to come.



But there was another side to all of this that Kubrick had envisioned in the movie 2001.


He foresaw something greater, something different, and rather something of concern about what could lie ahead as time went on since the movie’s release.


You see Kubrick thought by the time we had approach 2001, we should have already had space stations and maybe even traveled to other worlds like Mars.



So he had paid especially close ‘detail’ to that in his movie 2001, and tried to well match up the pieces like a puzzle from the time of the late 60’s up until the 2000’s.


Even the super-computer “Hal-9000” was envisioned as a possible thing to be possible in the distant future, and maybe even a computer that has the capability to run a spacecraft vessel under it’s own command.


But LOL we are no where near that level, in terms of space stations or space travel as many see today.


He even tried to paint an image that we should be aware of the coming future with technology, and how technology would change our lives either for better or worse.


IMG_0029These were prophecies that Kubrick was envisioning in our future, even though he was off about space stations on the Moon or Mars but he wasn’t far off about technology.


So we don’t have supercomputers that can run a business all by itself, but we do have smart phones that can do basically almost every dam thing you can think of in terms of online task duties.


We have more conveniences then we did since the 60’s, and matter of fact the government is now getting very noisy in our lives one way or another (traffic cameras on the street corners is one right there) almost “stalking” us wherever we go so privacy is the new meaning that is lacking in this time today.


Computers have become more of a “presence”, and it threatens some people (mainly the elderly) because of jobs that can be filled by 

IMG_0027automation robot arms etc..


(Dr. Frank Poole & Commander Dave Bowman examine “Hal-9000” supercomputer checking for errors in it’s logic-thinking data circuitry for making rational human decisions)  

And people themselves are just more in tuned with technology more than ever, so what can you do about it?


Nothing really…


The government runs most operations in America, whether that be money, taxes, banks, etc.. etc.. The list drags on.


Just sit back and look at how many banks that are basically prostituted by the government, then you have to factor in internet because after all a lot of people do rely on it to get their banking done fast.


The trade-off to that is then, is your information completely safe.


It’s transferred through your smart phones & computers, so the data that is carried back to your bank… Is it monitored or not?


IMG_0030You see these are the type of things that we deal with now in this new age of computers, and you have to notice how everything is linked to online –the netso there are just about any possible opportunity that yes you are watched against you wishes.


Especially filling at a job application, most of which are only done on the internet…


So Kubrick was basically pointing out a few of these ideas from today about technology, that he saw 45 years ago since the production of the film he directed.


You have to admit, it is kinda creepy that technology is taking over more and more.


And if we’re not to careful, then just how much more will it control things in our lives and yea throw in the government because they are apart of the same ‘secret’ agenda. Click the link below to get more in depth with Kubrick’s theory for technology in the future.


“Kubrick’s Predictions 2001”



A Re-look At Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Theory On Technology..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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