Obama Points Finger At GOP For Aligning Itself With Right Wing

Governmental Shutdown? Is It True?..


IMG_0042It seems like that is just so much deceit and dishonesty among political ranks & issues that concerns the U.S. today.

And it just seems like things are going down hill more for America and it citizens of the nation , then many people could really know.  

But this is going to focus on the U.S. economy this time, and it is something that many people in this country that need to be aware of.

Now most of us already heard all of the lame and bullshit stories that the government has thrown at us for God knows how long already.  

And it does get to a point that people just get tired of the same everyday crap that they are use to hearing.   The Government will say it’s broke, but really that’s garbage right there because they can make money.

Congress has the power to enforce things like that, especially in a situation that can be of a “dire” one.   Like this rumor about a “Governmental Shutdown”..  

Let’s face it, if that is the case then that could REALLY tear apart the U.S. economy which is already weak enough already and it is about ready to just about collapse due to constant financial unstability.  

The workforce is a great example of that don’t you think??  

Finding a great job today is like trying to find Where’s Waldo in the deepest darkest jungles in Peru, South America.  

It’s nearly impossible, you can find a job but the question is either how long will it take and how long before you run out of unemployment benefits.  

And don’t forget if you try and go for an extension of those benefits, it’s no guarantee that you will qualify for them.   So then where would that leave you?..

IMG_0047[1]Pretty much between the corner of your up s**t creek, just off of WTF do I do then boulevard drive.  

Now part of this has to do with the second term that President Obama is now serving, there is a situation as of now between both Obama and Tea Partyconservatives that are seeing things in a completely different direction.  

A direction that could cost the U.S. “big time”, so at the expense of the American people in this country due to disagreeing factions that feel that the election was a farce (fraud).  

So this could mean that Congress could intentionally cause financial collapse in this country, just to re-fix an election that has been already done and over with??  

And all of that mainly comes from Tea Party conservatives that initiated the move to possibly go through with this?  

And of course they would need some fire power to push that option in that direction, hence I mentioned them just a moment ago “Congress”.   After all who else has the backing power for political stunts (especially pushing for outrageous U.S. Laws) like that, making it a reality.  

IMG_0044But really are these people nuts, or have they just been smoking to much dam weed as of late LOL.  

But it still won’t be that easy for a governmental shutdown, you still need more political factions to pull that off.  

So over the course of the next few months left in this year, I’m sure more of this topic will be brought up by many especially by political parties that are on opposite sides of the fence.  

So keep your eyes open, and ears because we will be hearing more about it I’m pretty sure.

Ok see ya later..




Obama Points Finger At GOP For Aligning Itself With Right Wing


(By: Jaye Irons)

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