Call Of Duty: Ghosts Goes Nuts For The PS4

The Ghosts Of “Call Of Duty” Haunts The PS4..


IMG_0061[1]So this new Call Of Duty “Ghosts” will come out for the PS4 (Xbox 360, & Wii U), this November.


And for what is said about the game-play “mechanics” for this tenth installment of the game series itself is going to be changed, new ideas have finally taken hold in “Ghosts” means that players will be challenged to a greater degree.


I mean the game is very popular, people will practically kill for a copy of it (joking of course or would they actually do such a thing? I’m giving them unnecessary details so let me quit).


IMG_0058[1]And the makers of the development part of the game, will be done by Square Enix.


Now the game will have the multiplayer modefeature, but it will not be anything like the other Call Of Duty games that you have played before.


Why that is only the makers at Square Enix would know, but my guess is that this will test you’re awareness to unfamiliar settings that you would expect in the previous Call Of Duty games in the past.


So the multiplayer mode will possess some of these new play features so you’re getting a heads up here first, way before the game hits the shelves next month in game retailer shops.


And also the maps are can be changed to your liking, or if you don’t like a map that just annoys you all together, then you can just destroy it and rebuild another.


IMG_0057[1]Then it’s something called ‘Nuke-like killstreak’ which is accessible and a player can use only after killing the top player on an opposing team.


In the course of taking out the “head man” on the other team’s squad, you then will be able to take on other challenges which is done after picking a briefcase that is dropped in the process.


The story of the game itself is a more ‘off-beat’, but it is set in the not so distant future and somehow the world “superpower” nations are changed.


This happens from some type of a kinetic bombardment which changed the global balance shift of powers among various countries.


That means as you might have guessed, the U.S. falls off the ‘list’ of superpower countries.


But at the same time the “Federation” is a new faction that rises up to the role of superpower, and these will be countries based in South America.


IMG_0063[1]So yea this is a twisted up backstory thus far, and the thing is then the U.S. will try to form an alliance amongst their military branches (if any other countries join them it would be even more interesting but not enough is known yet on that so far), and go after the “Federation” which will manifest guerrilla warfare.


So the U.S. will dispatch the group of “top notch” elite soldiers called Ghosts.


So the story sound pretty interesting, and I’m sure that the game-play will do it further justice.


Call Of Duty fans are going to go apes over this next installment next month, you can count on that LOL.




Call Of Duty: Ghosts Goes Nuts For The PS4


(By: Jaye Irons)

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