Bonnie & Clyde: Most Ruthless Outlaw Duo..

These Two “Old-Style” Criminals Were Just Insane & Fearless..


IMG_0071[1]Bonnie & Clyde well.. Where can you start with these two “career” criminals, they have to be known by at least what 60% of the world even after all this time there are a lot of people who remember them.

(Vintage Photo: The “Infamous” Clyde Barrow & Bonnie Parker)

But it was some interesting details about them that I didn’t even know about, and that was they were not known for being a married couple”.


I heard about them vaguely in high school in one of my history classes, and I assumed that they were married but not true.


In fact Bonnie Parker was still married to another guy named Roy Thornton, now this is the thing that I thought about when I learned this.


IMG_0072[1]Did Bonnie ever tell Clyde about her husband that she was still married?..


Or did she just play it down, and just kept that all to herself never telling Clyde Barrow?


That is a wandering question, but she obviously chose Clyde in the end anyway over Roy despite the fact that she kept her ex’s ring that she was given since their short time together.


And maybe that’s because she was just well what you would call a “adventurious wild girl” that just wanted to do one thing, and that was to follow in the footsteps of her lover and criminal mastermind boyfriend Clyde Barrow.


I didn’t know that they were very short in stature, but I did know that they were very dangerous none the less LOL.


Bonnie was about 4’11” in height, while Clyde was 5’4”, and the average height back then was 5’3” for women & 5’8” for men back then..


IMG_0074[1]Bonnie was a poet.. LOL who would have thought that right?

(the bodies of Bonnie & Clyde after the cop ambush in Louisiana)

So the girl showed some intelligence, but was lacking it for becoming a career criminal which ultimately leads to her death along with Clyde.


Matter of fact, one of Bonnie’s poems that was called “The Story of Bonnie & Clyde”, was released to the world after their deaths back in 1934.


Clyde had met Bonnie while Bonnie was at a friend’s place (she was at a girlfriend’s place), and Clyde had dropped in on her unexpectedly.


From there the two would get together become very close in a relationship, and forming an alliance between the two as notorious killers & bank robbers unlike anybody had ever seen.


The two were very violent and cold-blooded, if you ask me I think they were in the wrong time.


If they lived in Chicago in this day and age, they would definitely be a force to reckon with.


They were traveling through the central parts of the U.S., living a “reality harsh life-style” while on the road most of the time of their crime / murder sprees.


Bonnie had over 200 felonies during the short time she had partnered up with Clyde, and Clyde had prison records that starts in his teen years one of which was a “mugshot” taken of him at the age of 16.


Another thing is this about the pair, Clyde really would have not been ever noticed if he didn’t meet Bonnie.


So in order for him to even become known for who he was, Bonnie would have had to be in the equation.


She was viewed as the “sassy” but dangerous type of vixen, and this would hook many people over decades into their story that is still told today.


IMG_0078[1]And how they met death violently in the end, by the hands of the police in a showdown shoot-out.

 (W.D. Jones was one of the members that belong to the “notorious” Barrow gang pictured left)

Ah yea, they were also gang members LOL they had others that would join them on some of their deadly heists, but it’s not like nobody would have ever figured that they were in a gang they couldn’t do everything on their own I’m thinking.


Career criminals usually know others that will get involved either by influence or some type of ‘huge payout’, from whatever crime they decide to do.


IMG_0073[1]And they will kill to get what they want, in a heartbeat this exactly describes the type of people that they were.

 (the Bonnie & Clyde car on display)

Their “getaway car” is on display at Whiskey Pete’s Casino in Primm, Nevada which is outside of Las Vegas. It was badly shot up a “shoot-out” with the cops in Louisiana.


But nevertheless they made history, even though it was very short-lived as the most unforgettable “criminal infamous duo”.




Bonnie & Clyde: Most Ruthless Outlaw Duo..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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