Sinead O’Connor Cannonblasts Simon Cowell..

Sinead O’Connor Has Some Choice Words Of Wisdom & Conviction


IMG_0083[1]Many people today probably don’t know who Sinead O’Connor is, but she was a pop star in music back in the 80’s.


She was known as a singer with the group Eurythmics, even though I’m not sure if she was a long standing member of the group itself.


But it seems like as of late today she is bugged by something that just made her speak out to another upcoming star that is known definitely in the music industry now.


IMG_0088[1]That star that is very known is no other then Miley Cyrus, and Cyrus got called out by O’Connor for the wardrobe meltdown that the public has been witnessing in her videos.


So after sending a letter to Cyrus (which was one of those “big sister” advice talks).


As you would have guessed that didn’t go over to well with Cyrus, and so as a result it sparked some she say — she say words between the two celebs.


That’s when Cyrus played some “hardball” with O’Connor, aligning her with Amanda Bynes that has been having some major issues in her career as of late.


Cyrus basically compared O’ Connor to Bynes, even though I don’t see how they have the same types of issues in their careers myself.


Bynes’s situation is way more serious, O’Connor did admit that she was dealing with some depression factors in her life.


But O’Connor did have some troubles growing up as a youngster, but she seems very strong-minded overall and I didn’t know that she is a priest.


So yea I would say I haven’t seen O’Connor from the time of her career get edgy, to the point in her career that she loses her identity (or go far off the deep end).


But that’s from what I have noticed since the times in the spotlight as a performer.


But after Cyrus went on the assault against O’Connor, O’Connor went ballistic and threatened Cyrus with legal action.


IMG_0091[1]Another reason for the legal action move that O’Connor put on Cyrus, is because she claims that Cyrus was mocking the mentally ill.


Then it was the matter of Simon Cowell, that apparently was in O’Connor’s “sites” as well.

This situation unfolded on The Late Late Showout in Ireland.


That is where she put the focus on Simon Cowell, that was ODF course one of the judges on the American Idol TV program.


IMG_0092[1]She said that Simon Cowell and one of his colleagues (Louis Walsh), were responsible for the death of rock & roll.


She basically came out and just said that they are murdering i…


She gave the comment saying that.. the Power Of Rock & roll to change things, to move people,is being murdered by all of this worship of fame, ‘Pop idol’, ‘x factor’, all this stuff.


People like simon cowell and louis walsh,who doesn’t even know how to burn a “cd” as of the last time I saw him.


Deciding what records should sound like, and deciding who gets to be famous and who doesn’t”. 


So yea she sounds fed up big-time..


So it should be interesting to see how things will transpire for Sinead on this topic matter in the near future. And knowing her, she will stick with this to the very end LOL..


Oh yea I didn’t forget LOL, Sinead had her Cannons aimed & ready at both Cyrus and Cowell and Walsh. 


So Basically.. IMG_0094[1] 







take your Aim… &IMG_0099[1]



fIre!!! IMG_0093[1] This has been a Sinead O’Connor 2013 “Cannonblast Productions”…


(Miley Cyrus at VMA 13′)


(Sinead’s take on Miley’s image)


(Miley’s viewpoint on O’Connor’s concern about her image: “The Sims” version)



Sinead O’ Connor Cannonblasts Simon Cowell..


(By: Jaye Irons)


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