A Prophecy Loop…

So The Mayans “Actual” Theory About Niburu..


IMG_0129[1]Now I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I have been watching this one interesting topic that has started last year.


A year ago I did a post about the events that the Mayans had spoken about the prediction that was to be the “end of the world”.


Now when this story first came to light, there was so much ‘feedback’ about what the tribe was spelling out about what was to take place in 2012.


IMG_0131[1]Particularly the toward the end of that year, Earth was to meet “utter destruction”.


Now this came under a few different scenarios of course, and some people just laughed it off while others actually prepared for the worse and whatever else to come along with it.

Even Obama couldn’t hold back the “funny bones shake”, and he was told to not do it near the teleprompter so nobody else could see his reaction (because they would catch the same thing laughter is pretty dam contagious) to all of hoop-la that went on at the end of 2012.


But nothing happened.. And I think it was some misunderstanding for some people who thought they meant the actual end of the world.


IMG_0130[1]But you see they had this calendar, or rather the Mayan Calendarand that plays an important part of why the Earth is still here and not destroyed.


The Calendar basically just point to the time that it was to end for 2012, this had nothing to do with Earth itself and that was just for 2012.


But there is a new situation that is being held back big time by both NASA, and the Government (wow what a surprise that the government is in the mix here right? LOL ..)


And this is focusing on not only Earth, but whats coming in it’s direction and that will be sooner than most think.


So they were mentioning about ‘Niburu’ by the Mayans, which has caught a lot of backlash from many thus far already because the world didn’t end on the schedule time that most people thought.


IMG_0132[1]But again the people who heard it wrong about what the Mayans were actually implying, the calendar itself dates back over 5,100 years of recorded information of the Mayans’ take on what they hypothesized for the world and the events that it is yet to witness in the future.


But it often have many thinking, that it is impossible for anybody to predict the future.


So the next question then comes up, are they really accurate?


Or is it just “bulls**t” to scare people straight (from doing evil things) putting them in a better direction life, and preparing to meet their maker as a changed individual.


Can’t really say on that one, only time will tell LOL..


But there is a thing going on with this Planet X that has been mentioned numerous times, and being the next door neighbor of Pluto.


Now another interesting thing about Pluto is this, supposedly Planet X disturbed the gravitational pull of Neptune.


As a result one of it’s moons managed to venture off into space, and form it’s own orbit around the sun.


Getting a light-bulb cloud above your head?.. You should be, because what you are probably starting to think then is Pluto could be a use-to-be moon of Neptune’s?…


Was Planet X’s gravitational intervention playing interference, and now Pluto is a stand alone world which recently was labeled to have as many as 5 satellites that now orbit it.


Again the possibly is great, but you see if that happened (hundreds of decades ago) back in whatever time then that could only mean one thing..


Planet X (Niburu) has been traveling through our solar system, and the biggest bad part of that is Niburu is making it’s rounds back though our solar system once again.


IMG_0133[1]And this isn’t good because there is a lined map on the net, that shows the flight pattern of Niburu and if you have guessed it by now..

 (where is Venus’s moon doesn’t she deserves one?)

Or if you haven’t already still then look at it this way, a planet is like a surf board, and it courses it’s way around the sun in it’s orbit along with it is it’s moons that revolve around it (this excludes both Mercury and Venus, I still haven’t found anything about them having moons).


But there is also theories about Venus, and I’ll leave a link to that and the Mayans topic as well.


But with Niburu on the “loose” through our solar system, things will probably get very hairy depending on what will take place at the end of the year (if the Mayans are right this time, but they didn’t say the end of the world just dangerous debris heading our way).


So just keep your eyes to the sky, and keep your hope even higher that things will go smooth for us and Earth as we near the wait for 2014 :-0





(Video Credit: eyestv95)



A Prophecy Loop…


(By: Jaye Irons)

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