“Krokidil” Death In Dosage..

Chicago Back On the Hot Seat Once Again..


IMG_0150[1]It seems now the “The Great Windy City”, has a whole new set of issues as of late.


This is no surprise to most Chicagoans today, you can basically take your hands and hold them out while counting your fingers and thumbs and you still wouldn’t be able to count how many staggering problems that this great city has been facing.


And it now has a new big fat problem on it’s hands yet still..


Now I remember when I got out of the Navy and was returning home, a fellow Navy member had joined me taking the train and was going to take another train out of Illinois (he lived out of state south).


I didn’t even really know the guy’s name, but he had asked me a crazy question (keep in mind this is in 1997).


He asked me.. hey man where can I ‘score’ some at around here.”


I looked at him weird with confusion, and said.. “What?”..


IMG_0151[1]So he said again the same thing.. And I thought about it for a few seconds after.

(drug pusher & drug user in typical drug / money transaction) 

Then I said.. “you mean drugs or something?”


He looked around nervously and said.. “Dam Man tell the world why don’t you.. Of course”.


So I gave him some advice about Chicago, I felt it was my given duty to do so.


He was from out of town, and when he said that to me about where to get some dope in this city I told him that he needed to be on the train outta here before he wind-up in trouble.


He gave me the line that he could take care of himself and all, but I told him that’s not gonna cut it out here.


Especially on the west side of Chicago, he was walking a very thin line with death which could be waiting around a corner marking him as a out-of-state victim.


He just laughed at me and said well see ya round, Navy boy and he walked off for a cab.


I was just thinking will he make it to the next train, or better yet will he see another day LOL.

Taking a cab with money stuffed in his pockets carelessly looking for a pusher. Yea it was like that for the guy.


It was dangerous then to have a careless type attitude being loose-leaf with your cash in Chicago, that goes quadruple today in “the windy city.”


And people looking for dope now in Chicago need to really beware because of this new drug that has now hit the streets.


It’s called “Krokidil” which is a Russian term for Crocodile.


The drug has just arrived here in chi-town, and already there has been a few people that have taken this drug and has been infected by it’s secret properties that is used to make it.


And you won’t believe what Krokidil is made of…


Some of the ingredients like..


  • gasoline
  • codeine
  • butane


are in it plus who knows what else.


IMG_0152[1] Gasoline itself is toxic to the body in everywhere imaginable, so that right there should be enough the make one reconsider even to think to mess around with this drug all together.


IMG_0155[1] Too much Codeine won’t just make you super-dosey, it can put you down perminately.


IMG_0156[1] And Butane that can be found in your average lighter why would you even try  LOL..


But that’s just it most people that are “true fanatics” are looking for just one out of this killer product, and that is to chase that unreachable HIGH from the drug.


IMG_0149[1]And that’s why drugs are so dangerous, because anybody that deals with them are usually puppets under it’s influence, and many of times they cannot break that cycle once they become a ‘user’.



So the after affects of Krokidil use is basically this it will cause the skin to rot from the inside out this is what my friend Sara was telling me as we talked about it, and so hence here is this post you see before you now.


After the skin is eaten away after some time, (and this is my idea about what else one will experience) I’m thinking how would your organs be able to function?


IMG_0148[1]You have to have skin to help keep them in the body so – yea that might cause organ failure?


Eventually the end result would be death, and the even scarier notion behind all of this is that many drug-users don’t know that Krokidil can be disguised in another mixture compound.


Or better put, it can be induced into another drug mixture, so yea that is beyond the crazy of madness of it all.


It’s even said that both morphine & heroin is weak compared to the “high-effects” from this drug.


Krokidil can be 3 times in terms of potency, so dealing with this wonder drug as they refer to it is a door way ticket to the other-side easily just after a couple of years.


So wow just seems like things is going from very bad in Chicago, to ridiculous worse and can’t say just how bad this will go over for the next few months to come.





“Krokidil” Death In Dosage..


(By: Jaye Irons)


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