Cell Phone Talking To You In Your Sleep?

The Strangest Case Ever Comes True Through The Cell Phone?


IMG_0166[1]Cell Phones – just about everybody has one, it wouldn’t surprise me if they came up with a way to have the family pet with a “paw-touch” GPS tracker to find them if they get lost.


LOL technology is powerful, combine that with knowledge then it can be either a powerful tool that can help the user or others or a tool that can fall into the wrong hands being used for personal means with bad intentions.


Example of the right things that they are good for is video testimonials, or rather catching “footage” of a situation that could later come in handy to stop a crime, help back up someone’s story as proof of their innocence or even help to solve a murder.


IMG_0167[1]But most times people who are criminals usually have one thing in mind, take advantage of a situation for (profitable gain) to satisfy their own personal means.


But this time cell phones are now being linked to another daunting situation that most are unfamiliar with.


And what that could be will shock you, and leave you thinking a whole different dangerous side to cell phones and mankind alike..


So the new thing about the dangers of cell phones now exceeds the old additive phrase, don’t text & drive behind the wheel.


This involves don’t text & sleep walk, yea you just heard that right sleep walking while texting??


IMG_0168[1]Sounds hard to believe, yea I know but it is a new danger that has been reported to have happened.


The question is how can someone ‘sleep walk’ while texting on a cellular unit?


Well so far a study has been done on people who had done just that, but it does still seem rather ridiculous for someone to actually do such a thing while they are in ‘sleep mode‘.


One girl had this happen to her, and she has an addiction to being an avid visitor to numerous social media sites.


And that could be just the reason right there for her issue of sleep texting..


So this girl is sleeping and typing out texts on her smart phone, and who knows what she could have been texting to whomever.


And then the text that was sent out, was it embarrassing or misunderstood?


Well she doesn’t remember it, but whoever else sees it does.


It has become an issue for some people who are victim to this situation, Doctors are already talking about it around the clock as so you could imagine they would.


But the concept isn’t old, it is just that technology now is at the root of this strange sleeping habit that has gone to another level.


IMG_0169[1]There have been stories where people were sleep walking, and they come back to bed after somehow fixing glass of milk?..


It is kinda comical, but at the same time it’s not healthy either.

 (cell user sleeping with phone in hand picture right)

If a person is not going into a deep sleep, and they are not reaching the sleep level of rapid eye movement (REM sleep) then in the long run that could affect their “higher brain” functions.


But it is obvious that the phone has to be in the room with the person or in the case of this girl, so the best thing to do is to keep it out of the bedroom when it’s time for beddy bye bye LOL.


See the brain is constantly monitoring your awareness as well, so if the flashing lights from a video on the text screen taking place on the phone the user might still be seeing the lights which is a signal pointed back at the brain.


And they wind-up texting unconsciously while not being ‘aware’ of what they are doing as a result.


So one should consider to just keep any type of technology gadgets, out of the room so that you are ensured a ‘good night’s sleep’.


Because it’s nothing worse to let’s say go to work, and you’re falling out of the chair that you are sitting in because you haven’t slept well LOL.. Don’t let that be you it’s embarrassing!




Cell Phone Talking To You In Your Sleep?


(By: Jaye Irons)


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