PS4’s New Game Line-Up…

Just In Time Before Old ‘Saint Nick’ & Rudolph Busts Out The Bag Of Goodies..


IMG_0180[1]PS4 is trying to make it’s presence known, and that will be a pretty hard task in itself to be done.


November 15th will be the launch date for this system that is deemed to be the eighth generation of games console out up to the modern day now.


But the thing about PS4, will it be able to rival up against it’s counter-part and lesser half the PS3.


Many have debated no as thus far, and it is a reason or two why it might not be all that crack up to be when it does come out and people go to purchase the unit itself.


Many have been saying that the PS4’s online games will be “tagged”, this means that to play online now will not be free like it was on the PS2 & PS3.


So yea right there that is a “big-time set-back”, for the system before it is even out for purchase.


But I think I know why Sony is shifting in another direction for reason…


IMG_0182[1]So you know that the PS3 is a powerful system that can do a lot, putting it not to far from the ranks of “laptop worthiness” but it is still a gaming console.


The PS4 on the other hand is really going to pull a Captain Kirk, and go all out in terms of making the system basically very high-tech more so than the PS3.


Stuff like blu-ray movies are a major focus for the PS4, and the graphic / video processor (hardware capability) for it will exceed the PS3’s by 3X’s.


IMG_0181[1]This means Sony has now taken the step into the world of the “infamous” Bill Gates and his beloved Xbox 360 and of course the Xbox One.


And the PS4 is now more expensive as a result, because of it’s abilities that is that of a home based computer.


Now the games themselves are a another story for PS4, that will determine it’s ability as the new “top dog” gaming platform to be sold to consumers around the globe.


But again a the big bummer part is that the online gaming feature is not going to be free like before, so I know that has to be pissing off a lot of “hardcore online gamers” that like to take the game to that next level especially with any type of competition type games that are multi-player.


There are not a lot of games for the PS4 as of yet, and I can list a few below for you to see what you will be working with from the start in terms of game choices.


IMG_0183[1]And despite the whole thing about the pay fee to play online, there will be a lot of people that will still go to the 4 for further “new gaming” experience that will take another direction that the PS3 did from the PS2 and so forth..

I even heard a rumor about the PS5, that is said to be a project that will start to gain attention like the 4 is right now.

So LOL by another 10 years will they be at PS11? Well LOL only Sony would know that one, unless of course you can “hack” into their database and purge the information from their network servers.  Good luck with that, it might take some time..



PS4’s New Game Line-Up…


(By: Jaye Irons)

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