Facebook Warnings Afoot, Graphic Content Criticism A Reality..

Can You Say Up The Creek.. Without A Paddle?


IMG_0212[1]Which is pretty much the situation for Facebook right about now from threatening lawsuits from users of the popular social media site, to situations that involves cyber-bullying, and now this new one which really just puts them in the frying pan.


So what it is now about Facebook is the video content that has been uploaded by pretty bold individuals, who well I guess thought it would be a great idea to expose any Facebook user to “unwanted content” that would be overly graphic and very offense all at the same time.


There was an uploaded video showing a person getting their head separated unwillingly from their body.


Or what you would call decapitation.


So it’s been pointed out before about extremely disheartening videos / images being plastered across the internet airwaves on Facebook.


And now it has stuck a nerve in one person in particular, as well as millions of parents across the U.S.


So word came down on Facebook like the hand of God, about the lack of responsibility that has gone unpunished long enough.


So Prime Minister David Cameron had decided to leave some serious choice of words for the social media site.


He addressed the vulgar content that has been leaked into Facebook’s database, and becoming viewable content that is not intended for a younger audience especially ages (13 & under).


So his criticism basically knocked some sense into social site, and then Facebook even took it a step further to make it clear about uploaded violent or unexceptionable “post content”.


And really if you think about this situation here, it could have been avoided.


IMG_0213[1]Facebook simply dropped the ball, because the first thing they should have done is set the parameters on appropriate content & non-appropriate content.


Social media giants like twitter, facebook, stumbled upon, etc, etc., should rely on some type of independent “server network” or basically robots that can monitor the site 24/7 to catch “unfit” content like that.


And of course they have to be maintenanced over the course of time, and doing this can reduce the greater chance of offensive and disturbing content that might wind-up being seen by a 7 or 8-year-old kid.


It’s a greater measure of steps to take yea, but it’s just a necessary thing in a world that obviously doesn’t give a rat’s ass anymore by just putting anything up for the world to see without even a basic warning of ‘extreme’ graphic content.


I don’t know though, it seems like the world is just changing for the worse instead of for the better.


Only time will tell that story, as it marches on right?..


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Facebook Warnings Afoot, Graphic Content Criticism A Reality..


(By: Jaye Irons)


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