Short Insights Of Plumbing Problems

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IMG_0247[1]Plumbing problems can be a drag for any homeowner, and it can wind-up costing someone an arm & a leg in terms of getting a plumber to fix a leaky pipe (or a complete section of pipe or pipes that might have to be removed all together).


The truth is most people just freeze in their tracks when it comes to dealing with plumbing problems, some brave it and try to tackle the job themselves but usually have to enlist in the help of a professional at some point or even from the start all together.


Now that being said, this is just a short insight about this type of situation that deals with plumbing blues / issues.


At the end of this article there will be a link pasted below for you to click on and check out more options that can further assist you 🙂


So this is a key thing to ponder on, most problems that usually deal with plumbing will involve anything from sinks, or toilets, and of course most people’s favorite the tub.


You can then associate the common problems that eventually come along putting a monkey wrench in the mix, which will form the problems that occurs with piping that is laid out throughout your home.


A few problems are listed below that most are familiar with that have had plumbing problems in their day.


  • leaky pipes
  • sweat on pipes
  • frozen / freezing pipes
  • loud weird sounds from pipes


And just a few of these pipe issues, will drive homeowners up a wall in a hurry because they know the next stop is the phone to call for help & and a trip to the bank to prepare after repairs are done 😦


IMG_0250[1]Let’s face it when your toilet goes on the fritz and you decide that you want to take on the task of fixing it, you really don’t want to bother with it.


Depending on the situation of the job you might want to just reach for the phone, but sometimes you don’t have to.


So it could be just a simple adjustment like a “leaky” pipe that is just behind the toilet itself (at the base back of the toilet) that might need a tight snugged turn from a pipe wrench, that could be just the simple thing to fix your issue right there.


It’s also other things to recognize as well if you see that the floor is splattered with drops of water, that just screams leak right there (leaky sinks is a good example).


So the first thing is to observe your surroundings (usually the floor is the area that water will hit), this will give you the evidence you need to have somewhat of an idea of the type of leak(s) that are giving you trouble.


So from there it’s just a matter of what needs to be done so if the leak that you saw was running out form a pipe (try to trace where the leak is coming from), then hopefully it could be just a matter of changing out a small section of pipe.


Even so that doesn’t mean that the job is that simple, it could be more to it.



It could involve searching out for a new piece of pipe to fit the replaced pipe at a hardware store or shop.


Another thing is frozen pipes which can happen of course during the winter time, I found this one site that gives great advice and detailed instructions about “thawing” frozen pipes.


It talks about how your pipes can freeze up, pipe expansion from frozen pipes which can block your pipes and water becomes trapped and turns to ice, and even gives you solutions by steps to unclog a backed-up pipe.


There are also safety measures to take when thawing frozen pipes, and there are suggestions for that as well so click on the link at the end of this article to learn more about that…


Most people don’t really think about their piping system in their homes much until something goes “bust”, then they are worried about getting a plumber and paying outrageous amounts of money to get it fixed.


So reading this piece here is just to give you “the heads up” option, that will brings awareness about piping repairs and that can lead to cutting unnecessary costs that you can be spared from.


Ok see ya later people. 


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Short Insights Of Plumbing Problems


(By: Jaye Irons)









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