Canadian Mayor Is Acting A Fool (Getting High On Life!)

Smoking That Hash Stuff..


IMG_0266[1]Now this next story or rather situation is just going to rattle your head a little, and this is making some headlines in Canada which I might add doesn’t look all that great especially if you look at it through a high-powered telescope like “kepler”.

 (Canadian Flag of Toronto)

So this is about the mayor of Toronto doing something that even Sarah Palin wouldn’t dare do, he was caught smoking some “crack”.


Now when you sit back and analyze what I just said about this guy who is known as Rob Ford, you have to think right off about politics in general.


IMG_0263[1]The reason why I bring politics into the conversation so early, is because of the fact that you have a lot of people working in the government or any other branches of it that manage to get themselves caught up someway.. somehow.


Just look at Jesse Jackson‘s situation for stealing campaign funds for the purpose of decorating their home with lavishing items, that of course was pricey even for the Congressman himself.


And you can even step down another level to that of a city Alderman like Sandy Jackson, that was running her own little side pocket scheme as well when it comes to dealing with the IRS.


And you can’t forget “Richie” Richard Rich Nixon, that made the famous line if you steal things that can get you in some deep s**t saying… I’m not a crook!


So from City Alderman, to the Governors of various cities, and even the presidency you have Rob Ford that has top the charts lately in terms of “conspiracy theories”.


The thing that has put such a big fat spotlight on him, is him supposedly being connected to drug activity (himself as a user) as well as dealing indirectly connected to drug dealers who has been supplying his so called “hidden habit”.


IMG_0264[1]There has been numerous times now that the Toronto mayor, has been in the middle of accusations that now is catching up to him as well as his friend that was also under the microscope in this crack pipe caper.


So enter his buddy Alexander Lisi..


Lisi is the behind the scenes variable that has raised a lot of attention to Ford in the worst way.


I’m sure Ford is feeling down right embarrassed (times 50), about all of this that has been popping up in the news thus far.

And it’s getting hard for Ford to keep it together when questioned by various media sources, that seemingly will throw him under a bus not before throwing Santa Claus if they had the chance to.


LOL the media is just that cold people..


Ford can’t really say too much in his defense to them anyway, the position that he’s in now is tight.


Then you have his friend Lisi who has been sighted as a part of this whole thing form the start, suggestions that he was the one providing Ford with the crack hook-ups from different times that they had met up.


They even went as far as to meet in the woods (I’m guessing forest preserve), to secure themselves from the chance of being caught by “Big Brother” or what many called at times the “Wandering Eye in the Sky”.


Yea GPS devices (surveillance toys of the government) have made it nearly impossible to hide anything anymore, so basically whether it’s a electronic tracker or camera you can just up and say “Smile your on Candid camera!” 24/7 folks.


And that also brings up the other thing that puts the icing on the cake at Ford’s prison lock-up party, because they have some video showing him actually “sniffing” through a crack pipe..


So yea throw him a pair of really high roll-up 70’s style embarrassment tube socks  to try on right there.


I told you he is in a tight spot.


Then also he isn’t deemed a popular mayor at that, this is because of his edgy and eccentric behavior that he displays at times that just puts more weight on his back from him to carry.


IMG_0265[1]It’s gotten to the point that has brought up his resignation from his office as governor of Toronto, a point made by major newspapers bureaus in the city itself.


Even though Ford stays on the beaten path claiming that the video is non-existing, the Police Chief Bill Blair suggests that it does.


The video was placing Ford at a gas station at the time of the drug exchange between both him and Lisi.


Blair just feels disappointed about Ford’s hidden secret for a long while now, and that can be the thing that is just so rampant today all of these “scandals” that are running amok.


Ford was also fired as the former coach of a football team at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School.


It was something that he liked to do as well as being a mayor, but the tides have all turned a blind eye to Ford now.


IMG_0267[1]And you know charges eventually will be the next thing lined-up for him, as well as a 5 by 9 you know with some cold steel bars in front of it…


What I don’t understand is this, you are a mayor and you get paid well for your what you do in the line of work.


So why f**k that up over some “magic powder” you see..


Doesn’t seem worth it to me, but others seem to think it is. Crazy when you look at it that way.

 (Video Credit: nervouss)

Canadian Mayor Is Acting A Fool (Getting High On Life!)

(By: Jaye Irons)

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