Woman Boston Marathon Bombing Costume WTF..

What The H**l Are People Thinking These Days?..


Now I know that Halloween is supposed to be the time for pretend to be that ‘certain’ somebody else character that you like to portray for that night of a little mischief and fun.


But that was taken to a whole different level with this one girl, and what she had decided to do on this past Halloween night would change her and her family’s world around for the worst Big Time.


Alicia Ann Lynch made a grave mistake, she clearly didn’t use her best judgment which was choosing what type of costume to display to the public.


She had use the social medias to route her costume pose to the world, thinking that it would do no harm.


But it did.. The damage was major, and the wound was stirred once again to remind those who lost the ones close to them in their life.


So you see earlier this year, millions upon millions of Americans witnessed an awful tragedy.


One that involved two brothers, one died in a shootout with the authorities.


The other sits in prison for life, or will get the death penalty only time will tell that tale.


The two men that staged this horrific act of malice killing and injuring over 200 others at the marathon event, are known as the Tsarnaev brothers.



So now back to Lynch, and now just mentioning what I just said about the Boston bomb massacre that took place back in April of this year you probably guessed what she had went and did.


Yeah she dressed-up as a Boston marathon running victim, and the only thing you can say about that is WHY??


Her next REALLY BAD decision was to then turn around and post (a picture of herself) that on both instagram & twitter, and again the question of WHY will pop-up into your head again followed by a WTF..


Thinking that what she did was to be a joke, she then received various angry texts from other twitter users as well from instagram users (and 

IMG_0290[1]you would know that this got around to the other sites facebook, etc., etc.)


And it didn’t get any better from there, she start getting threatening tweets, and someone even found information about where she and her parents live (through her driver’s license information that was posted online), and even sent her parents death threats over the whole matter itself.


Someone even sent Lynch some provocative photos of herself, which came to her by mail a few days after she released the photo of herself (in her costume) to the public.


There was mass responses to her actions that she took with the posted photo in her costume, one tweet came form a twitter user that said that

IMG_0288[1] she lost her mother to the Boston Marathon bombing that day to Lynch.


And there were others that also followed shortly after..


Lynch should have really thought about what she going to do, but she clearly didn’t at all.


To sit up there and take a photo of yourself whether a joke or not portraying a Boston Marathon bomb victim, was just down right f**king stupid on her part.


She needs to apologize right off, and even take it a step further and make a public apology while she’s at it on television.


It’s definite a way to atone for what she did, when she could have sat and thought about how it would be to lose a loved one that is caught in a tragedy like that.


After all we are all human, we make mistakes no matter have big they may be.


But I saw this story, and just had to ‘conversate’ for a split second on that after seeing her picture Halloween costume pose.


Hopefully now she realize the error in her ways of being ignorant about her actions, and never to even think of pulling a stunt like that again in this lifetime. 


(Read more here…)



Woman’s Boston Marathon Bombing Costume WTF..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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