Google Drops The Axe On Online Book Authors..

Off With Their Digital Heads Google Says!


IMG_0326[1]So who doesn’t know Google by now, while if you say the elderly then you are probably right on all counts.


There are some authors that probably wished that they didn’t know them right about now.


That statement holds the complete truth, after an ugly lawsuit was handed from very angry authors right to them on a cold silver platter.


The reason these authors came out swinging their battle axes like if they were in the Medieval Times: dinner & tournament expedition fight is rather simple, it was because Google was trying to make a type of online library by copying countless books and it was flagged big time.


So one would guess that Google was just going to simply turn around, and recycle the same information out to the public.


The thing is though, the books already had been published LOL.


IMG_0329[1]Now I don’t know why in the world Google was trying to do this, and even to think that they were just going to get away scott-free.


But I take that back, it was for the green, the cold hard cash you know.. The dineros!!


The issue of this winded-up in court as you would probably imagine, and as to the authors’ unlikeness that went after the social media giant they did it in vain.


And this was thanks to a New York circuit judge by the name of Denny Chin, that went in the favor of Google in this lawsuit case brought against them.. Basically stating that Google’s actions for copying the online transcript books, was “constitutional”.


WOW.. You’re thinking.


Or better yet, PRICELESS!


Google is pissing people off you see, and they don’t seem to give a rat’s ass about doing just that.


There was a lot of dismay and cold hard feelings dealing with the ever so semi-popular AdSensemaking money online with Google. Or “re-pharse” that statement, and let’s go out on a limb and refer to them as “the Googfather”.


And I did refer to that topic a long while back so feel free to click the link below (at the bottom of this post story) to get to that post 🙂


So the reason that Google didn’t have to pay for basically scanning 20 million for an “electronic database” (or a huge server controlling information of that magnitude), was that they were going to use them as snippets that was going to be a part of their search engine library online.


So in simple terms, that were adding to expand their SEO capacity of already ridiculous proportions.


But yet if we or anybody else that’s not on Google’s roster (Government roster need I remind you) tries to do something like that..


LOL well it would be “hell to pay”, followed by brimstone.


So it’s the Government controlling Google, Google controlling YouTube, who can even say where Facebook & Twitter falls at in terms of being controlled by whoever.


All of them are just following orders from their higher-ups, or what most would say that they are just “pawns” in the game on the battle field.


Judge Chin gave Google a pass saying that their published book content online, is very beneficial to the masses that surf the net daily.


IMG_0330[1]But I say that’s just a load of BULLSHIT, because they are getting a pass because of who the h**l they are.


And you know me I don’t pull any punches, I just simply will come out and tell you like it is.


But hey kudos to the ever so omnipotent Googfather, they can get what they want whenever they feel so inclined..


So I guess it’s true, money talks right, and you know that rest of that sentence.. 


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Google Drops The Axe On e-Book Authors..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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