Parked Domains: Buying Them But How?..

Parked Domains In No Man’s Land


IMG_0345[1]So here you sit, and think to yourself about going ahead to purchase some parked domains.


You’re thinking about it so much because you are looking at the value it can bring in terms of revenue.


That is a money thought that most people have about parked domains, they focus preliminarily on that.


But most people are asking one big question about this interesting subject -purchasing domains-.


They are trying to figure out how to go about getting them, and how to get them without costing them an an arm and a leg.


People often look for bargain deals, so you have to understand that is the way things go in this world.


And that will be in the now or the forever part of life.


Now if you don’t know then I guessing someone gave you a labotomy LOL, domain names are attached to a website.


But sometimes parked domain names are purchased, but not yet assigned by the user that currently owns the domain name.


Therefore they are stagnant and just wind-up sitting around just waiting for someone to come along and buy them.



 Domain Registrar:


IMG_0346[1]So we start off here which is a rather simple step of the process of purchasing a domain name.


So the individual that is interested in purchasing a domain name can visit what is called a domain registrar which is on the net, to see if the domain name is free to be bought by them.


Now keep in mind if you want a particular domain name but it is already taken, you might really want the domain name but you will be faced with a choice to get it from the owner at that point.


Negotiation between you and the owner for the domain purchase will be most likely thing to happen.


Typing in the name of the domain into your browser’s search box and then pressing the enter key, will take you to the where ever the domain name is tethered to, this will determine whether the domain name is currently “active” or “non-active”.


You can determine if the domain name is available if you see only a few links or like on a construction site that is in operation to build some shopping malls on opening land the words “under construction” may appear on the web page that the domain name is attached to.


That means that the domain name is parked, and is available.


From there you must find out who is the owner of the domain name that you show interest in, you must go to a domain registrar to find out information about the owner and their contact information plus added info about the domain itself.




Other Information About The Owner & Domain Name:



Once you get in contact with the owner of the domain name you want, you may come across further detailed information that might be given to you by the domain registrar.


That could be anything from e-mail contact info, or even other domain names that he or she owns.


Also it can be situations where there is small amounts of information about the domain (or) owner.



 Engaging The Owner:


IMG_0347[1]So now you might be thinking where do go from here?


Well you need to understand that you must establish a show of interest to the owner about possibly buying a domain name that they have in their mist.


Best way to do that is to contact them, so what basic everyday thing do most people look at on their computer?


They view their e-mails, that would be the way to go to get in contact with the owner.


This will be just a simple engagement of interest, there is no need to mention anything about a up front price (sell price of the parked domain name) that should be a key thing to remember.


You let the owner set the price, for the purchase of the parked domain that they are going to put up to be sold.


And do not push the owner to come to a fast conclusion of the sell price, or trying to force them to make a sell to you alone.


The waiting game should be played on your part, so patience is a virtue.




 What Can You Do With The Purchased Domain Name Once Yours?


IMG_0348[1]Well isn’t it obvious LOL, most people will pick-up a parked domain only to sell them off and turn a profit later on down the line.


If you get someone who will bid a pretty penny for a parked domain that you have, the return revenue wise can be great.


This is especially true if the bidder is willing to pay more for a particular domain name, that has high-value within it, and can be sold for more money which will bring them a greater return on the profit from it.


–buy / sell–


You can think of this buy / sell concept like –supply & demand– .



Also do not let the owner just talk you into any price to purchase the parked domain, you have some negotiation power so use it to your advantage wisely.


And don’t let the owner tell you anything like a set price must be paid to buy the parked domain, because that simply is not true my friend.


Parked domain names vary in price range, remember that..


So what one parked domain’s worth may be different from another, that is because of the value that the domain is actually worth.



Using The Tools


IMG_0349[1]Yea there are tools that can be used to better understand a parked domain’s history, which can work in your favor.


You need to understand that some research will be needed to determine your negotiation power, then it just comes down to how much the site will go for.


So if you are looking to get a parked domain that is on a site that is going for $3,680, and you’re offering way less like $1,100 you will not be able to get the site because the owner would go for the bigger pay-off of $3,680.


You and the owner should consider using a escrow service, which will maintain and help to finalized the transaction process between both the buyer and the seller until the negotiation is complete.



Make A Website:


IMG_0350[1]Which will be needed to attach your newly bought domain name onto for it’s address that will make it known on the web.


Of course you know that you have to get it a SEO “tune-up” (Search Engine Optimized), that is important in terms of making the site ‘worthy’ for potential interested investors.




Other Things to Consider:


Way the options when purchasing a parked domain, especially buying the one that you want also find out who owns the domain you want.


If you cannot buy the one you want, then go for a domain name that is similar in comparison.


Never just pick random domain names that you hear about, and you decided to purchase it because it sounds appealing to your ears when you hear it being pronounced.


The whole point of purchasing the domain, is to either to collect domain names, or sell them off like a realtor does with real estate property.




Rinse & Repeat


Isn’t that always the last step, where you don’t do much all LOL 🙂 


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Parked Domains: Buying Them But How?..


(By: Jaye Irons)

















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