Iron Sheik Challenges Toronto Mayor To A Good Ol’ Arm Wrestling Match!!

Iron Sheik Just Wants To Know..


IMG_0367[1]Life is quite funny at times how things just happen out of the blue for no apparent reason.


Rob Ford would have to agree with that statement I just said, and I heard about Ford’s unusual challenge that has been dished out to him in the most uncanny way.


So this all started some time ago now about him (Ford) and his drug / alcohol / perverted escapades that is haunting him 24/7, and it has even press the issue to have him to just step out of office which might being the healing process for him after total embarrassment from the public eye.


But Ford didn’t seem really bothered by all of the media hoopla, that has been calling him out left and right, questions upon question about his personal life as well as his eccentric type persona that he adopts like a lost puppy at the animal shelter waiting to go home to a family.


But there is somebody else that decided to call out the Toronto Mayor as well, matter of fact this particular person has been calling people out for years while in his career of entertainment sports.


IMG_0369[1]And it’s not Mr.T he already did that in Rocky 3 & A-Team as B.A. Barackcas.


This one I have to say nobody saw LOL, Iron Sheik yes.. I just say.. Iron sheik comes out of hiding from the spotlight after who knows how many years, and challenges Rob Ford to a arm wrestling contest??


So why?


What is the angle that Iron Sheik is trying to use?


I guess he figures that somebody can boost his career LOL, even though Sheik is older than Hulk Hogan.


Now I have seen some crazy s**t as of late but that one had me ROTFFLAMO (rolling on the f**king floor laughing my ass off).


IMG_0370[1]I guess it is something for Sheik to make it a point to go after Toronto mayor Ford in a arm wrestling match.


Maybe he wants to add further humiliation to the fire (that’s basically charcoal lighter fluid thrown over a protane gas grill with match to follow behind it), that Ford has already been subjected to for the past number of weeks that has rolled by so far.


Life can be a barrel of laughs at times, but for Ford I’m not so sure it’s too funny for him..


Check out the link below to read more about this ridiculous situation that he now faces.. 


(Click To see more of the ridiculous adventures of  Rob Ford’s –Mayor Back in the Saddle Seat: Toronto Embarrassed Edition 1-)


Iron Sheik Challenges Toronto Mayor To A Good Ol’ Arm Wrestling Match!!

(By: Jaye Irons)

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