“Online Dating Networks Are A Haven Ground For Thirsty Hackers”

Online Dating Exploited..


IMG_0376[1]Many go to it to find their signficant other, some may go to it to try to find a friend hoping for it to go further into a relationship.


But over the course of time now, online dating has become the go to thing in many Americans‘ lives today that seek companionship.


So can it be so bad that people are just looking for a connection in their life, or just wanting someone to listen to them and they exchange conversations about a interesting topic over a cup of Sanka decaf coffee LOL.


Not really doesn’t seem harmful, but someone seems to think that they are fed-up with it in some way or another.


A few months ago someone had taken it upon themselves to hack into the popular dating site Cupid Media, which is a known site for 

IMG_0377[1]singles looking to hook-up for a date.


The hacked info that was breach was anything from the users’ passwords, to their e-mail addresses & date of birth details.


Two popular sites that are under Cupid Media (BrazilianCupid.com & AsianDating.com), were breached by hackers.


And the total number of breach encounters to people’s personal information of those sites came out to 42 million…


Yea that has got to be a record. Yes?


It is getting very hairy now with all of the hacking that goes on the net, and one way that could be a solution is that people just change their passwords every few weeks or so.


But who in the h**l wants to do such a thing everytime they go to login into their accounts on whatever site..


IMG_0378[1]That just sounds very taxing, and a waste of precious time.


Another problem is that most online providers, or companies online that have their online business set-up though websites usually operate their login & password / user name on some type of a cryptographic hash that operates the user name & password feature.


They are programmed to whatever password or user name you are going to make-up to be used in order to access the site itself.


Facebook had a similar run in about a security breach into people’s personal login information, so what can be done about this problem or privacy that can be taken away in a heartbeat by anyone at anytime?..


Great question asked right there, so when are this social media sites are going to have to step it up a notch, and really try to prevent 

IMG_0379[1]situations like that from happening to users that get on their social media site.


Maybe this story might turn a few heads, and crank some ideals out that could turn into a winning solution for those who like their private information to stay well.. PRIVATE!


Oh yea just a quick tip reminder.. Don’t use passwords like11111” or “123456”, “abcd123auntiejackyjones” they are too commonly picked out by hackers, and if you do use them you’re just screwing yourself into a s**t load of misery as a result so don’t go there..



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“Online Dating Networks Are A Haven Ground For Thirsty Hackers”


(By: Jaye Irons)


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