NY Deli Owners Stealing Lottery Prize Money? WTF?..

Bad Deli Store Owners: No Deli Sandwich For You The Soup Kitchen Nazi Would Say!


IMG_0395[1]A situation unfolded which had lead to a scam involving the lottery jackpot out in Hempstead, NY Thursday.


A customer had purchased a lottery ticket for a million dollar jackpot, that would turnout to be a winning lottery ticket after taking his chances of finding out if it was that “lucky” ticket to instant wealth.


After discovering that he was a winner, the customer was a non-speaking English shopper at Peninsula Deli & Grocery that would find out the hard way about becoming a victim at the hands of the shop owners.


So the man gives his ticket to one of the deli owners Karim Jaghab, but after he does give the ticket to Jaghab he then gives the man $1,000 back in cash.


Strangely as that sounds, Jaghab also keeps the winning ticket..


The man at this time is probably starting to realize that he is being played like a dusty old violin, that was abandoned an orchestra player so many years ago on a concert stage.


IMG_0396[1]So what is this guy to do? He does know or sense that he is being duked out of his winnings, which is obviously clear, plus he doesn’t know English so the store owners had figured that he is simple-minded in terms of knowing what’s going on at all so they try and run game on the guy.

 (Kajim Jaghab pictured left & his father Nabil Jaghab in trouble for lottery scam scheme)

But not so simpled-minded says the customer, because he did the next thing that most would do.


He went to the police, and filed a complaint against the store onwers. Haha so so who’s the smart Popeye now..


After the customer made his move to uncover a “foul-play” lottery scam that the owners were concocting, the customer did return the deli establishment, and was giving an ultimatum that would then make it clear to him without a shadow of doubt that he indeed was being suckered.


The father of the deli shop had offered him, $10,000 to just shut-up and walk away from the whole matter all together.


LOL really??


These two deli owners are just f**king stupid right?..

So they expect this guy who they obviously singled-out because he didn’t speak English at all as a lamb lead to the slaughter, was going to just pony-up 10 grand ($10,000), and think that he was going to walk away skipping like a kid out of a candy store into the sunset??




I would have got the authorities involved in on the whole scam as well, and this isn’t the only case that has happen to a customer that had beating the odds winning the game called “The Lottery” only to turn around and get played like a fool by a store gas station attendant or a grocery store owner / attendant who might be on the greedy-green side of the fence.


It just goes to show how desperate people are when it comes to money.


Because they way they see it, green is king, point blank and simple.


So the lottery winner got the last laugh the two deli store owners were then facing grand larceny charges, but they would get a slap on the wrist over the matter after their attorney is posing that it was a “simple mistake” on the payout to the customer.


Yea that’s right throw the bulls**t in there to cover up a obvious scam operation yes?


Dam just makes you wonder, does money have ties to everything via a (scam) in life?


Looks that way I can only say 😦





NY Deli Owners Stealing Lottery Prize Money? WTF?..


(By: Jaye Irons)


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