Rahm Emanuel’s 2014 City Budget Can Just Take A Hike!!

LOL Chicago Needs More Tax Laws? WTF?


IMG_0406[1]Chicago today is facing more and more difficult times it seems, the murders have backslid a little do to the freezing cold temperatures.


So it’s sad to say, but the only thing that will keep the murders down is old man winter itself.


And if you thought it was bad enough, now comes the fiscal budget to do more damage on top of the damage done already (thanks Rahm doing a blasted good show there ol’ chap!)


Yea nothing like a little British humor to loosen the noose on Chicago citizen’s tax woes..


So a lot of this has to do with the $7 billion dollar 2014 budget that was planned by Mayor Emanuel, in which he won for the budget to be approved.


So supposedly the budget is to ease the financial tension in the city, which it will more in likely do.


IMG_0407[1]But at the same time what you also have to look at, is what will take up that slack for the lowered tax on property, gas, & sales tax.


We all know there has to be a balance some dam where whenever taxes may be lifted off one thing, and it may sound like a great idea in the beginning.


But behind close doors you have to say where will the curved tax hike then go?


So you go ahead and kill a little few tax hikes on the obvious stuff like the three I just mentioned above, but what happens on the long run?


Where will this “missing tax money” then squander off to?


There is an answer that many probably haven’t considered thus far, so I’ll say why not throw in annual taxes that we have to file for yearly..


IMG_0409[1]Ah yea the light-bulb is lighting up a little in the noggin yes?..


Because this is the Government that we all have to deal with after all you know, they always try to appear to have a solution for either Chicago or the country itself, and on all accounts they have failed miserably time and time again.


Money is like a plague in the hands of the wrong people, it will corrupt, it will cripple, and it will destroy states of countries.


And the Government knows it, Mayors know it, Aldermen know it etc..

You know the old saying, “good politics” is just the same as smoke and mirrors in a funhouse.


The thing they both have in common is that they can easily be adjusted to reveal something other than what you might expect, and like Kurt Angle of the WWE would say to a line like that is..


It’s true.. It’s Dam true!!”


Hopefully I could be wrong about all of what have been said, but I don’t trust the Government and it’s puppets (Governors, Mayors, Presidents, etc., etc.)


So with all of this it should be interesting to see how things will turn out for 2014 right here in chi-town (Chicago), it could also determine if Emanuel can hold onto the office as Mayor if his plan turns out to be a flop..


Read More by clicking on the link below..




Rahm Emanuel’s 2014 City Budget Can Just Take A Hike!!


(By: Jaye Irons)


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