Black Friday Busting Down The Doors For 2013

Shoppers Paradise For The 13′


IMG_0427[1]Seems like everybody is going all gung-ho this Black Friday season, and it’s for good reason because of the unbeatable deals that will hook, line, & sink a shopper into the check out lines in quick fashion.


So this is where it usually starts off, the shopping holidays that is going on now through Thanksgiving.


And there are a lot of great buys that people are searching for, particularly Christmas items for the up coming month in December.


I’m will have to even jump into shoppers’ heaven my dam self, I remember being told while at a Super K-Mart store that it will be closing after the end of the year of 13′.


IMG_0428[1]And while being told that, I was eyeing all of the laptops that they had on display.


My mouth started to water with anticipation, trying to figure out if I needed another laptop that just seem to sit in front of the display in the electronics’ dept just waiting to be purchased and taken home LOL.


Speaking of which right now shoppers have been going for some very popular items, buying right now for them is at the right time of course considering the price slashes that is in effect for the short moment.


So a few things that most people might buy is anything like..


  • Dell Laptops (Inspiron 15z Touchscreen = $400
  • LG-55 inch 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV = $499.99
  • Amazon 7-inch Kindle Fire 16GB HD Tablet = $99.99
  • Apple iPad 2 16GB WiFi Tablet = $299
  • Xbox #60 4GB Console = $99
  • Funai 32-inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV = $98
  • Apple Ipad Mini 16GB WiFi Tablet with Walmart $100 Gift Card = $299
  • Element 50-inch 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV = $229
  • Apple Pad Air 16GB WiFi Tablet with Target $100 Gift Card = $479
  • Apple iPhone 5C with Walmart $75 Gift Card = $45
  • SanDisk 32 GB Cruzer USB Flash Drive = $7.99


So there it is some items that people are going either apes or bananas for LOL, either way you slice it..


But with those type of deals, it is very hard to pass-up indeed.


I wouldn’t be surprised to even run into good ol’ Saint Nick standing in line to buy Mrs. Claus an Apple iPad 2, she would probably have a big fat smile from ear to ear haha..


Click below to find out more about this Black Friday deals.



Black Friday Mania 13′



 Black Friday Busting Down The Doors For 2013


(By: Jaye Irons)

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