Ex-Sues Wife For Covering Up Hidden Twitter Stock

She Blinded Him With Twitter Stock’


IMG_0420[1]So here we have this lady by the name of Jennifer Johnson, and what is so special about this individual is that she may have hit the jackpot big time when making the move to invest in “high-priced” stock.

The venture could land her in the millionaire club really quick, but there is a situation that has arrived in her life.

And that would be her husband, or rather her ex-husband.

So Johnson husband Stuart Strumwasser is seeing the red cape, he is pissed the f**k off at his lovely ex-wife.

So one would think, what in the world could she have done to him to make him now despise him so much?

Well for one maybe it is because they are not an item anymore, and now they will have to split child support between the two.

That bill comes to $21,500 annually.. Ouch.

So one would guess that it is obviously clear that Strumwasser doesn’t have that type of money to depart from, but there is still a obligation of parenting in terms of responsibility.

As a father he has to take care of his kid, because after all the kid didn’t ask to come to this world.

The second part of why he can’t stand his wife could also stem from the fact that he has twins with her, so double the fun and the funds to take care of them LOL.

So it was a time that they were together, but now they are divorced.

Given from what I have said about the story so far, Strumwasser knows that he has a duty to live up to which is helping to provide child support for his kids.

But here’s the kicker to all of that…

His wife has this Linkedin profile page, and it would be the last straw to break the camel‘s back when Strumwasser learns about what his wife has been hiding from him for a long while now.

So what has him so wrapped in rage you say?..

His wife had decided to make a huge investment, one in which did not include Strumwasser not in the least common denominator of the equation in the problem LOL.

IMG_0421[1]Algerbia can be tricky, but it didn’t take a genius to figure out what type of numbers that Johnson was getting back off of the Twitter invested stock that she sort after.

The girl was taking a serious chance with investing more than $10,000 of Twitter’s stock, it was even said that she upped the anty and invested $50,000 …

Yea she took a BIG FAT RISK but it turned out into her favor, in fact it made her a millionaire like it was going out of style.

She did however cut some corners, and made arragements to meet up with the founders of the social media giant itself.

So this goes back to her first husband before Strumwasser, not to get back with him.

She went to him for a hook-up, because he was friends with one of the co-founders of Twitter LOL.

So there is her inside angle on how she probably made all of that money in the first place, and that didn’t set well with Strumwasser at all.

So much ti the point that he decided to take the matter to court, and file a lawsuit against his now ex-wife Johnson.

So the reason is there because Strumwasser, stated that she was doing all of this while he was at home watching their kids.

While that was going on, Johnson had slipped out for meetings with Twitter associates putting her plan in motion to make all of that money from stocks.

When Strumwasser learned about what she was doing, he figured that because they weren’t divorced at that time she didn’t communicate the money that she made.

And he felt that it was unfair because he is paying for child support, and it would be unfair if she is getting a huge return like that and don’t tell him about what she made.

So now the question of the day is, does he have a case in court with this…

IMG_0423[1]Maybe he would have but, she did purchase this stock before they got married so LOL that is going to be a HUGE problem for Strumwasser to collect on that one.

I would say that this story you might want to keep an eye out for because it does seem that more is to come, but LOL much for Strumwasser it just the old saying too little too late type of situation that might work against him…

But at the same time when this goes to court, it is up to the discretion of the judge to decide whether Johnson should still be liable to help take care of their children as well as Strumwasser.

Because the overall focus is the children that they had together, especially if there is money that is involved in this scenario that can be used to support them until the age of 18.

After eighteen then it is up to the parents if they want to continue to help their kid, or tell them you’re an adult you need to fend for yourself now..

It should be pretty interesting how this will play out in court click the link below to find out more..


Strumwasser vs Johnson: battle over all that money!


Ex-Sues Wife For Covering Up Hidden Twitter Stock

(By: Jaye Irons)

2 thoughts on “Ex-Sues Wife For Covering Up Hidden Twitter Stock

  1. You have this story so wrong, it’s hilarious. Your fact reporting from the extracted fact reporting is even worse then the interpretation of the actual court claim.

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