Obama & Democrats Looking Toward 2014 Not So Sure..

Democrats Not Marching Into 14′ With Obama?


IMG_0451[1]So here we are at the end of 2013, and here they are President Obama & Democrats who are looking to set at the top of the pedestal seemingly assured of themselves as “victors” only a short few weeks after the Governmental Shutdown that had left many doubtful.


But next year is REALLY going to be tough for Obama, his health-care plan has taken some serious bumps & bruises along the way.


And while starting out on a ‘rocky road’ from the jump (Obamacare Website), has been pissing off people indefinitely who are seeking med-insurance.


It’s already no secret that things have been shaky for Barack Obama, over the past few months it now is starting to question just how far will the Democratic Party will go to lend solid support for him doing the rest of his presidential term.


And you have to think that Obama knows this to a certain degree..


IMG_0452[1]The major reason that the Democratic Party feels this way, is because of the insurance coverage program that Obama wants to place in affect is falling short to help individuals that need the health care insurance A.S.A.P (As Soon As Possible).


So the expectations are on the low-end, which is putting things at a stand-still with many that didn’t expect to be placed on a waiting list.


The “Obamacare Website” was having a serious traffic issue of users that was flooding the site at high volumes on end for weeks.


So think about a popular radio station that has floods of calls from people who hear a story and want to comment about it to the radio announcer.


IMG_0454[1]What you get is traffic, and it is going to build and back-up eventually.


And that was a huge issue ever since the launch of the Obamacare site, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time for those who need medical insurance coverage.


But yesterday it was announced that the site has been maintained (fixed), to where it can now handle up to 800,000 users per day as opposed to 50,000.


Even before that the site had crashed when just only a few thousand users that visited the site back in October of this year.


Then it was even the issue of lacking information which applicants also complained about on the site, and all that will do is place even more unbearable weight on this health-care issue as well.


This has hit a bad spot in the credibility department for Barack Obama, democrats are feeling uneasy in hopes for next year as nervous congressional Democrats who are seeking reelection.


A few allies that back Obama was saying that a lost of trust in Obama’s health-care plan is showing, especially after many that had found out that some of the policies that was promised are now non-existent.


So yea this can definitely put the ouch in Obama’s plans when he goes for reelection, so keep tuned into to this story as time progresses on in the future to see what other twists and turns lie ahead as we go into 2014.

Obama & Democrats Looking Toward 2014 Not So Sure..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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