Drones, Minus Us?…

Maybe Not Sooner But Later Everything Digitized or Robotized?


IMG_0465[1]I was listening to Jonathan Brandmeier on the “50,000 watt blower” (720 WGN radio <>), and it was a very interesting conversation about robots slowly taking over jobs.

(Jonny B talking over the Chicago airwaves at WGN radio station)

To put it more specific not just any jobs, but our jobs…


So what is the going thing now that has the military jumping up and down like 25 kids in a candy store, with a toothache down the road 10 weeks later?


That’s easy..


DRONES was the topic of discussion you see.


And if anybody is keeping up with the news on these things in action (especially since they were flying around in places like Iraq or Afghanistan when the war was very heavy), they are known as the “silent killers” because they can easily take out enemy combatants in a hurry.


So using them can reduce unnecessary loss of solders, which is what the intended use of them was to be.


IMG_0467[1]But that was not the case after hearing what I was listening to on Brandmeier’s show.


But I did know about robotic labor that is slowly moving into the picture, and at the same time putting workers out of a job at a company which is just bogus if you ask me.


I saw this take hold at one of my old jobs I use to work at a few years back, and people know them as “robotic arms” which can lift a work load onto a table etc.. Or next to an area in which another arm can then do a separate job to finish a job task that was intended for a human worker to do from start to finish.


People have been getting very pissed off, and they are seeing red because of the changes that are slowly coming in the work place at these companies now.


I’m sure this will also apply to the military sooner or later as well, like in this one game Metal Gear Solid where a espionage agent Solid Snake has a disheartening conversation with his inside guy and friend Otacon about unmanned soldiers that was being used by the military to do the work of the classic Soldier.



So again even though you are saving a human soldier from getting killed in combat because the robotic combat soldiers can do what they can do and better, you are also removing the Soldier from a job.

  (military drones doing tactical strike manuever)

The name of these Soldiers in the game were called Gekkos.

But that’s not all, on the show they were talking about how drones are being used in more specific ways to literally take over more jobs that would seem impossible for them to do I’ll give a list of a few right now in bullet format.



  • Pizza Delivery
  • Industrial Companies
  • Check-out Clerks

 (Domino’s pizza delivery drone in action)


Of course in this time now today it is still far off from taking over completely, but give it some more time it will be more of a new reality.


A scary reality for those who need a job…


If they are getting advanced enough to work and mimic people’s skill-set abilities, that is needed to work certain jobs then all I can say is that whatever jobs that will apply to them is going to spell a lot of dam trouble for employed individuals.


And keep in mind companies are pushing for this because well they can cut costs over the long run.


So instead of paying a worker for let’s say 35 years of service at a job, they won’t have to pay a robotic arm (or if they have a mobile robotic programmed component like a drone) anything or worry about it getting sick so they don’t have to offer it any type of medical benefits with the company.


SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, they are screaming behind the CEO (via) owner doors of doom for the company..


LOL companies are evil nowadays, and they will sacrifice a worker’s job / livelihood in a heartbeat for the better low-cost or better no-cost efficient way possible.


And they wonder why crime is an issue in various parts of America today.


I sit back and look to the future for young kids in this country, and I just shake my head in “utter disgust” because of the troubles they will be facing which is going to be who knows how many times greater than we are facing now finding reliable jobs.


I don’t know it just seems like either way you slice it, we’re pretty much screwed when it comes to landing a secured job especially as we progress into the future..

Oh yea you are GONNA love this other link that I found it will have a lot of people cracking up with laughter so enjoy.. 


(Click Me to See)


Drones, Minus Us?…


(By: Jaye Irons)

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