Detroit On The Brink Of Collapse?..

Detroit In Dysfunction Mode..


IMG_0478[1]So I thought that Chicago was in very bad shape, I’m not so sure after I heard some tripped out I Am Legendtype stuff that mirrors Detroit in terms of it’s living conditions.


Now of course there are not any types of vampires or sub-humanoids like in the movie that had starred Will Smith, but the bad and very messed up living arrangements that was depicted in the movie comes kinda close.


That being said and done there were a few things to point out about the famed city now a wasteland of uncertainty and large amounts of chaotic trouble that leaks around corner after corner.


One thing that really throws up a red flag is the population, it use to be almost at 2 million people but now is at a mere 700,000??


IMG_0476[1]So that’s more then half of it’s people unaccounted for unless most of them packed up the good old travel bags, and just took a hike LOL.


And then when you thought cities like Chicago that had some serious debts to take care of, Detroit owes so much in revenues that it was s suggested that the whole city should just do the right thing..


Which was to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy.


Dam a whole city? I never heard of that one myself.


Even though it still will be a problem for that to take place because of the rules that says other to that pretense.


It states on the Michigan Constitution of the state itself, that no city can file Chapter 9 for bankruptcy without violating state laws there.


Then remember when President Obama helped out the auto industry for the state as well, in which he helped them to become stable, and helped for people to find jobs.


IMG_0477[1]That would be a big fat slap in the face of Obama, especially after he helped to try to take a city’s most noted thing (which is the automobile industry), and putting it back on the map from financial collapse.



So it looks like that Obama might have been bitten off more then he can even chew, thinking that Detroit could turn around and become a vibrant city that it once was.


But there is more than meets the eye with this situation, and that’s because of the deeper issues that plague the city.

<Issue 1>

Detroit owes $100,000 in revenue to creditors.

<Issue 2>

Manufacturing Jobs are down more than 10% in 2013.

<Issue 3>

The housing marketing is so bad, you can buy a house in Michigan for as little as $500.

<Issue 4>

Believe this or not about 50 years ago, Detroit was ranked the “highest” in capita income then.

Today it is a total different story..

<Issue 5>

The city is a wasteland giving up more than 33% in vacant areas that is just sitting there .

<Issue 6>

Unemployment is a plague in the city.

<Issue 7>

60% of kids live in poverty and unbearable conditions.

<Issue 8>

Crime runs rampant like a virus.

<Issue 9>

The city lacks resources, especially when in need of medical assistance like first responder.

They take forever to respond to someone in need of help…

<Issue 10>

So who will take up the cause to help Detroit, the city is “literally” on the brink of collapse.

IMG_0479[1]And there was more things like wild packs of dogs running loose through the city, as well as problems with street lighting (street lamp posts) to see where you’re driving it was reported that was a big time issue.

 (poverty & unemployment engulfs most of the city)

I don’t even think the CW’s Green Arrow can save this poor city unlike how he does in Starling City, it would definite take some very hard efforts.


Only thing you can do for Detroit is pray.. 


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Detroit On The Brink Of Collapse?..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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