Satanists Wanting To Keep Satanic Statue Next To Ten Commandment Monument?

Some People Are Just Really Wacko Today


IMG_0496[1]So here it is you have a situation that is just so way wrong turn in the other direction.


There was a request (a f**cked up one if you ask me), some people of a satanic group organization is asking for a satanic statue to be placed next to a Ten Commandment monument out in Oklahoma.


Now first off most people would say WTF big time, because let’s face it a request like that is just WRONG on all accounts.


Now that’s just my personal view about it, but I can’t judge anybody that has their own style or religious preference.


It’s not my call but check it out this is America, and the law states we have the right to express ourselves ‘freely’.. SUPPOSEDLY that is.


The government has been busy, and might I add very noisy in our lives lately.


It has been reported that there has been over 65 billion phone conversations, facebook monitoring, & compromised e-mail accounts.


Yea a lot of bold words there, you know of course to grab your attention tight.


And that was done in the course of a month’s time, and if you ask me on that one I say that is just down right evil for them to say on people like that same time though it is seen ‘acceptable’ by our government..


Feeling invaded any much.. Yea that’s our trusty-rusty government for ya. And the government (more specific the government legislation in this country) has been accepting some rather twisted ideas, and deeming certain types of requests from other different groups whether religious or any other types of faction groups to make claim to establish their mark for the reasons of notability.


But this idea of placing a statue of satanic origins next to a ten commandments stone monument, HAVE THESE PEOPLE LOST THEIR F**KING MINDS?


A slap in the face of our creator, a blatant lack of respect, or try just spitting in the face of God himself.


If they allow this, then it will basically just tell people that anything goes in this country today when it comes to demoralizing attitudes & ideas that is placed on a pedestal thus becoming acceptable.


This will be a move by the Republican-controlled Legislature in the state called “the buckle of the Bible Beltthat is seeking to stand their grounds upholding the request of satanic organization groups keeping the statue where it is if it is built next to the monument.


But they came under fire by legal experts that the idea will cause some serious sparks, and that they could be slapped with a  hefty lawsuit against them as a result.


But it looks like this may be passed off as “OK” by legislation laws / rights, for this to be established and is seen as acceptable.


I just don’t know anymore about this country, where does the line between right & wrong exist?


Yea I know people or group organizations have the right to express themselves, even if they are trying to pass off obvious evilly corruptible ideas that is seen by many which includes the younger upcoming generations today.


But in spite of that fact that is the case it is still seen by those who oversee all of this like legislative factions like “the buckle of the Bible Belt”, that are all “gung-ho” for this to happen..


Just plain scary ideas like that I think.. 


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Satanists Wanting To Keep Satanic Statue Next To Ten Commandment Monument?


(By: Jaye Irons)


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