Lottery Cap?.. Really You Don’t Say.

Jaded Winnings..


IMG_0504[1]State Lottery most know it as a chance to reach instant wealth, and anyone can gain massive attention if they play and win (even though some are humble winners choosing to remain out of the spotlight).


And the payouts depending on the jackpot can go from anywhere from thousands, to tens of thousands, millions etc..


But it was a rather interesting fact about the the state lottery rules in terms of the payouts reaching limits.


You see a lot of people don’t think about it, but the lottery does have a limit to how much you can walk away from with earnings after winning the jackpot.


So this is a ‘interesting’ topic indeed, and it does make many people just would go bust if they win the big one.


But there are top payouts that are not to exceed the game’s limits..


So say if someone gets 800 million playing the lottery, LOL as if they could get that.


The thing about that is there is a certain amount of money that can be paid out to the ‘lucky winner’, meaning that they are at a limit to how much they can actually win.


That does sound strange, because I myself always thought it was possible for a person to win extreme amounts of money if you were to play and win the lottery game.


So the thing is if someone did manage to win up to 800 mill, and they think they would actually get paid from it is far from true.


LOL sorry to say but they CANNOT win that much money, nit, nada, not happening on that note.


And the kicker on that being said even if you were to take a lump sum of that or even if it did go higher (which would break down the difference), you still can’t get that much money LOL.


Now the highest that the lottery went up to so far was in the 600 million-range, and you have to say to yourself even after the taxes are taken out that if you were to win.. Is that you are not hurting for s**t in life at that point anymore anyway.


With that much money to tote you can actually do what some billionaires will do sometimes, and that’s to literally piss away a couple of million just for kicks buying bulls**t merchandise that is really not needed in your life.

Me myself would go by my principle idea, which would be to make a wise investment choice to build on that money.


Then turn around and give some back to the people, you know help sponsor charity events, or give like a million dollars annually to a Children’s hospital.


Doing stuff like that, h**l you can’t take it all with you anyway if you die so why not give a little.


But that’s just me, alright later..


H-1B lottery is complete (cap)



Lottery Cap?.. Really You Don’t Say.


(By: Jaye Irons)


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