Newscast Situations Going Bananas..

Sometimes The News Is Funnier Then Cosmo Kramer On Seinfield..


IMG_0526[1]Which is basically true sometimes especially when you have a anchor man / woman who are placed into very heavy LOL predicuments, that can make them look like a idiot in the process even though they are actually trying to do a news reel piece on a topic.

(two girls run up to the newscaster and tries to kiss him during the news segment) 

So I saw a video where some news casters were looking more lost then Where’s Waldo would look.


And it can be quite embarrassing when they are in the middle of a news cast segment (especially if it happens on a news wheater segment), and they have to try to save the segment hoping that it does not spin them into the spotlight of comic proportions.


IMG_0522[1]But in this video I had saw things like news casters talking about a unfolding story, and all of a sudden someone might try to walk in front of them while they are giving the story’s details by word of mouth in front of the camera.


One news report was talking about a story, and a group of people were about to walk in front of his camera, and he tells them (while shoving them out of the camera’s frame) “Don’t do that!”


Or the one where this news reporter was standing on a small boat giving words to a news segment talking to another guy, and he bumps another guy that was cleaning the boat into the water that was standing behind them LOL.


They had to pull the guy out of the water, and yea as you might guessed the guy was pissed but it was in a comical way which in turn just made the whole situation even funnier.


IMG_0523[1]A news weather segment involving Jack Black as a guest star on the segment, was just to much for the funny-bone region on the body to handle.. Black was having too much fun with the “clicker device” that weather casters use to motion to the next slide while giving weather details about the day.

(Jack Black doing the weather segment at TV station acting silly LOL) 

One weather girl drops her clicker breaking it in the process, then comes the embarrassment part that I mentioned when she was trying to read the map while giving weather details to the different areas all the while the screen kept changing on her randomly, throwing her off completely.. She explains that she dropped and broke her clicker, and it goes on the fritz.


 IMG_0527[1]This one news guy was reading his lines in front of the camera off of his Cell Phone, and was just standing there while the camera was still rolling hahaha. Yea that was embarrassing right there..


What can you say news casters sometimes can go through some silly situations like that, but most of the time they try to stick it out through the news segment pushing through it to get the story out to the public.


So I guess that will also test out their stand-up comic skills at the same time. 



Question is..


What would news anchorman Ron Burgundy say about that…


Burgundy: “glad it wasn’t me”..


Yea that sounds about right..


(Click here)…


Newscast Situations Going Bananas..


(By: Jaye Irons)

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