China’s Rock-Probe Digs Up Sample On The Moon Will Happen?

It Was Bound To Happen Right?..


IMG_0539[1]China is tossing it’s hat into the ring it seems for the bid of space exploration, rumors has it that they have a probe-rock sample collector that will bring back various rock samples while it will be roaming over the lunar surface.


Later down the line, China then has plans to go the next step into the exploration of the lunar surface by placing an astronaut there.


Now you have to think that it has been about roughly 4 decades, since the moon has been explored.


IMG_0541[1]The most noted journey to the moon, was done by 3 astronauts (Neal Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Micheal Collins : Apollo 18 mission), that had taking place back in 69′.

 (Armstrong, Collins, & Aldrin pictured left to right)

And honestly after that mission to the moon, no one had really thought about the moon since LOL.


Armstrong & Co. had found so first off, one would think the rocks are a great starting point that could lead to clues about the moon itself.


That is true in theory, how else would you be able to unmask any details.


I’m sure Armstrong, Aldrin, & Collins were instructed to grab a few of them, and bring them back upon return to Earth for a closer look & examination.


So what will happen when China sends one of their astronauts there?..


Probably the same thing as well.


IMG_0542[1]The Chang’e 3 China’s moon surface probe had touched down on the lunar surface, and is now already in progress of studying the “lay of the land” if you will.

 (Chang’e 3 preparing to do some lunar exploration study : picture)

The Chang’e 3’s purpose is to search the terrain on the moon for natural resources, may anything there could be used as a possible source of product, energy source, etc, etc., that could be used back here on Earth.


Another reason for the “revamped” journey to the moon sequence, is to see how things go there which could finally lead to further outward space exploration.


So you know what’s next… Enter Mars.


IMG_0540[1]If things work out well here NASA might be thinking as well anybody else that has joined the space exploration program, will more in likely lean in the direction to journey to the red planet itself.

(the movie was bad-ass all the way LOL!)

That’s a big step if you ask me, it’s not like being in a airplane flying from Vegas to Phoenix.


That will be millions of miles in space in route to Mars, and one would sit and think will anything go wrong type situation while on the journey.


LOL I can’t help but to think about the movie 2001: “A Space Odyssey” , and how all of the troubles that the Jupiter mission crew had to face (Commander Bowman & Dr. Frank Poole taking on a rogue state of the art super-computer named Hal – 9000).


So makes you wonder will they have an overly smart computer, on the mission to Mars whenever or whoever decides to go.


But not trying to look for the worst in the possibilities you know, do make you think isn’t it time to go out there or just never go..


Yea that was nicely put, so stay tuned to more about this subject matter because it won’t be going away no time sure that’s for sure. 


(China’s journey to the Moon)


(Check it out here click) 

China’s Rock-Probe Digs Up Sample On The Moon Will Happen?


(By: Jaye Irons)

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