Reno 911… LOL Calling Them For Help Is Risky Business!

But Why Would You Dare Call Them To Rescue You? LOL


IMG_0546[1]The silly often reversed ideal cop show was definite one from out of the comic scrap books, when I first dove into this show watching some episodes I was laughing my f**king ass off from the show’s premiere.


And it just couldn’t be helped, the silly outlandish stuff that the officers of Reno either encounter or get themselves into some really dingy situations.


A lot of people might not realize that the show was a direct “reverse” spin-off of COPS that was on Fox TV.


IMG_0547[1]And just like COPS Reno 911 did stick with the whole have the cameraman ride “shotgun” on the adventures that they went on, and it would be recorded the most silliest stuff you would more in likely see as a result.


A variety of strange off-beat characters would often be included into the wacky, or chaotically funny, moments which of course involves the cast as well that could just end up being a total barrel of laughs until you probably just pass-out from your funny-bone that might gyrate inside of your whole body out of total control.


The cast of officers themselves are just a mess LOL, they either will revert to cussing or constant arguing.


Sometimes they can be utterly violent (when a bad guy does something really stupid aggravating them on a molecular level), one episode like that was when the female cop played by Niecy Nash was out on patrol on a Halloween night.


IMG_0549[1]She had caught an arsonist in the act of setting fire to a citizen’s home, she stops him from doing the deed only to wind-up getting her squad car set ablaze instead.


She looks up at her automobile and see that it is on fire completely, and the arsonist is standing there looking at it.


She screams at the top of her voice saying..


Whoa! what did you do!!” My whole make-up was in there!” she sighs… LOL.


IMG_0548[1]It was another episode were Officers Jones, and the other cop Garcia was chasing this nude guy that was running around without clothes on through parts of California.


LOL the guy was right at the border limit to the next state, and Jones with Garcia couldn’t catch the guy for s**t.


Garcia was like “Don’t let ’em get over the border Jones, C’mon brother catch him before”…


The naked guy just had crossed the line, and they both just stopped looking stupid at him while he was laughing, dancing waving his ass at them making fun and all.


IMG_0550[1]Garcia turn to Jones and said.. “what’s going on Brother, I thought you had some speed.” LOL that’s was just too funny.


Yea the show was definitely out there, and wacky to the core.


The last run for the show was in 09′, I think it’s just re-runs of it now but nevertheless comically insane to no end..


 (Click on a off the wall Reno ‘classic’ neighborhood watch skit here!)



Reno 911… LOL Calling Them For Help Is Risky Business!


(By: Jaye Irons)


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